Tuesday, July 27, 2010

gloomy mondays & fishy business

i risk sounding like a whine-y wuss but daniel flew back to phnom penh early this morning and life's been blue ever since. but on a brighter note, this will be the LAST time daniel is flying back to cambodia, spelling the end of our long-drawn "semi-long-distance" relationship. i doubt we'll do it in future again. it was not much fun.

we've a pretty exciting month coming up with many wedding celebrations and deadlines to meet. so i've been trying to potter around the house unpacking my boxes and boxes of ribbons, trimmings and diamond button (seriously! i amaze myself all the time how i can own so much after living a year in a third world country!)

i know that my travel recap has taken the backseat to wedding crafts! (everything takes backseat to wedding anything..)  but i had a MAJOR fish craving and thought of this!!

daniel's first ceviche. ever. dude's been missing so much in life!

im the extremely picky with my seafood. i can't keep regular fish down. and won't touch them unless they are 1. miso cod, 2. absolutely fresh japanese fish market sashimi, only the best! or 3. this ceviche!! yummo!!

right after the NYC pride parade. and of course my two love muffins wore matching blue polo tees...

urm.. is it friday yet??


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