Thursday, July 1, 2010

blue is the colour of love.

shortly after we got engaged, we walked into the tiffany store in singapore takashimaya requesting to have it resized so i could wear it properly. and was told point blank it would take 6 - 8 weeks. i nearly passed out cos there was no way i was gonna spend 8 weeks without my bling. and must have given daniel the most pathetic puppydog eyes.. 21 hours later, we were told in NYC that they'll have it ready in 12 hours. and urm we were completely squealed and gushed overed by the lady at the counter who offered to bring out the champagne while we wait.. so much love..

two years later, with much wear, we wanted to spiffy up our baby for the wedding. as expected, it would take 3 weeks. TO POLISH! seriously?? just polishing too takes THREE freakin' weeks? we're never at the same country for three weeks. blah. as once again, we flew across the world to the same ole store on fifth avenue. there i was greeted with a million happy shoppers, equally proud and professional staff in spiffy suits and was told if i sat there for 10 mins, they'll have it also sent to check on the setting of the rock and have it all ready for our picnic in central park. while we're at it, why don't i remove all my jewellery and they'll polish it complimentary!! seriously the bomb right?

worth every pretty penny.

has me returning all the time. daniel was so impressed with their level of service that he promptly approved all my following purchases! yayyy! :) 

im so in love with them.

my future office space at home - one can dream right?

yes mdm, i could do that all day too! :)

p.s. did you know level 5, tiffany room is a private event space? OMG i can only imagine how charming it looks! and the view of central park? perfect to the T. sweet dreams are made of these!!


  1. awwww i wanna a tiffany ring too!!
    how come they can do it sooo much faster huh?!?!?!

  2. Now we see the difference between T&Co. Singapore and the Fifth Avenue!
    Btw, the staff in the T&Co. Singapore are sooo snobbish! We bought most of my T&Co. up in Malaysia. Pfft~
    I'd love to be shopping at Fifth Avenue! *envies*

  3. yikes! why was that so? they resized mine in a week and polished it in 2 days!

  4. SERIOUSLY? the one in singapore? i have no clue why they told me three weeks!!

  5. *shrug* my girlfriend just commented that they can do it in a week. maybe cos when i tried to resize it, it was during the holidays so they have high volume of traffic?

  6. completely difference experience! you should definitely do it one day!! :)
    i sound superficial now but i float on air when im in that store. smiles all round!

  7. Somehow i think the service at Tiffany's here in SG ain't half as great though...

  8. OMG discovery of the year! :) the tiffany at wall street is even better than the flagship store at 5th ave! something about them getting less tourist-browsing so they are more focus on individual clients.
    daniel claims that their displays are geared towards busy wallstreet bankers. that pop in and buy up a storm.
    i was completely floored.. :)


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