Monday, July 12, 2010

back home!

i have laundry spilling out of my ears! and my family is visiting in TWO days! all 4 of them!! im so excited and have so many fabulous plans for them. and at the same time, im so overwhelmed by the number of wedding tasks to come. *breathe*

im not sure how i'll fare in the vacay recap because im way behind on the wedding crafts but i'll try!

this two week pre-weddingmoon was fantastic, basking each other's company and properly catching up with life. there were instances i was soooo tempted to talk wedding but bit my tongue. i don't speak for all brides but planning a wedding can be so physically and emotionally draining sometimes. and sometimes, just sometimes, can't help but wonder what's at the end of the rainbow? what will be talk about after the wedding?? will things be as fun and rosy? so this short getaway was perfect to re-align our goals, reconnect and fall in love again. just a tip! we intentionally picked a place we've both love and been to so we won't be too caught up with the exploration of a new place.

i highly recommend taking a smallish break from planning a wedding! just to remind yourself why you're doing all that. or who you're doing this whole crazy thang for..


as for myself, i still feel very sure that i am indeed marrying the love of my life. the funny one who still makes me laugh till my belly aches. the sweet one who accidentally walked me through soho so i would accidentally bump into my ultimate favorite fabric store, purl soho. (it was a dream come true) and forgo purchasing his mac mini so i can lug home more metal alphabets & crystal candlesticks. also the generous one who kept his end of the promise that everything i save on the wedding, i can transfer them into shoes. also the same thoughtful one who pads my stilettos with his brand new clothes & suit (cos piercing heels are so so fragile...). and the same silly one who eggs me on to eat 4 nathan hotdogs and takes amazing pictures of me and my friends. and also the same sentimental one who got teary eyed at a plush toy i picked and bought it for our future child (even though our luggages were bursting through the seams). all rolled into one yummy hubby!

life's good like that.

with him, i feel like we can conquer the world!


  1. That's such an awesome feeling to have. :)

  2. im so glad u found the love of your life! Do update more on the coming wedding! Bliss u :)

  3. it is!! :)
    babe! are you enjoying your days home?? :)

  4. so so lucky!! :) must keep reminding myself that, esp. when im short-tempered!
    i will!! there is just so many things to be done!

  5. Aww babe! NOW that is a man worth keeping!!
    (plus he's got the ideal gal too!) :)

  6. so sweet! i can feel the bliss from you!!
    (goes weak)

  7. thanks babe! :) best way to enter a marriage i reckon! :)

  8. thanks sweetheart! :)
    i look forward to celebrating it for many years to come! just like you did! :) i don't know how you do it, but taking care of three little ones by yourself is a pretty amazing feat!!

  9. Gasp. You managed to visit Purl! *died and went to heaven*
    Love their stuff. Their tutorials inspire me no end.
    Oh, by the way, I just sent you an invite to
    Pinterest. thought you'd like an account since you are (like me) addicted to links links and more links.

  10. That last para was so AWwww.....

  11. i know!!!! right?? i'e been raving about their work and fabrics for ages!! :)
    im also obsessed with brooke reynolds's styling (think she helped purl soho with their styling and branding!!! so i was like design mecca. i wanted to take pictures at the store but was embarrassed...
    OOOPS! i deleted it by accident. thought it was spam. im gonna go dig it out!! :)

  12. everyone needs that someone! :) *wink*

  13. I'm soooooo happy for you babe!
    Looking forward to being a part of that wedding.. =)

  14. *yayyyy!!!! im a bunch of nerves!


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