Sunday, June 6, 2010

toodles and noodles

been a little quiet recently because im down with the flu bug! :( boo.. on a regular day, im like a mexican jumping bean but when im ill, i curl up into the teeniest ball, i mope a little, sulk a bit and wear my pajamas all day and sleep. like for the whole day.

meanwhile, my ultimate wedding project is in FULL swing - my wedding invitations. my home has been a complete mayhem. even daniel, who is back in cambodia, is on the phone 24/7 updating me on "you know so-and-so aunt, her name is now BOONGONAWA. and please note that Jon is Jon not JOHN.. and .. and...". think the stock exchange 10 years ago with phones ringing off the hook and people climbing on chairs and yelling. my house is all of that. even my helper is a little obsessed with getting the corners PERFECT. im a little over it all, just want to curl under the table with the dogs and watch the world go by.

but this, my dears, keep me chugging along. this little thing called...

my embosser!!!!

it embosses napkins, envelopes, anything and everything!! im so so obsessed with it im marking my territory on every shred of paper lying around. reminds me of the day i found my dad's shredder in the office.. needless to say, my dad's not as impressed. both 10 years ago and now.

anyhow, hope you're enjoying a lovely raining sunday snuggled up like a bug!!



  1. wow the embosser is fun!! where did you make it from?

  2. Yup can share where u made it? And is it very expensive? B interested in making one if i can get it out in time for my wedding

  3. embosses napkins??? how cool is that?? this is one great vintage keep!!!!

  4. Aww.. i would love to have helped u assemble invites :) But i only saw your post today...
    I saw the embosser as well and was that close to getting it! I just had to muster all my will to leave the shop then.
    And i'm getting under the weather too... hang in there girl..

  5. haha! :) turns out its all ok!!! :) i got them all assembled in timw! :)
    i can imagine how much willpower that must have taken. i told myself this is a longterm investment. we'll use it FOREVER! :) and monogram everything from today onwards! :) :)
    you take care and load up on vit. C!!!!

  6. these are just disposable napkins for the bar, we'll be looking into proper monogrammed napkins & bathroom towels next!
    oh i so hope daniel is not reading this comment!! :)

  7. i got it made at
    super old school! :) i used to play with my dad's company embossers. now i have one of my own!!! :) so so professional! :)

  8. when's your wedding? if you have the artwork, you can get it done in a week i think! :)
    its not pricey at all!! i can't rem the price exactly cos i did a whole bunch of things! :) but its from!! :)
    speak to mei. she is lovely!

  9. HOW FUN! i shall go get my own to play! heh! thanks babe! :)

  10. Hi there! What font did you use for the names on the embosser?

  11. hihi! i just blogged about it. its hand calligraphed actually, not a font. :)

  12. wah i think u are a very hardworking bride :P:P can't wait to see pics of your wedding. :)
    btw, can i ask u for a tip? how to DIY pomanders (not sure if this is the right term), not those hanging ones, i am looking for those on the tables (on tall vases)

  13. oops.. im only selectively creative!!! unfortunately, i only know how to make the hanging paper ones!!
    share with me when you figured it out how to make the table tall vases one!! :) i'd love to learn!!


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