Thursday, June 10, 2010

to toss or not to toss...

we're down to our last months and, time to crack the whip and iron out some important details. we're generally very opinionated but when it comes to certain things, we kinda don't mind/care as much. such is the bouquet toss.

a traditional wedding activity where the bride tosses her bouquet into a sea of singles, who will (in theory) fight over the bouquet hoping to be the next one at the altar. this is coupled with the garter toss where the groom will remove the garter from under her wedding dress with his MOUTH and toss the garter into a sea of fighting men who are dying to be the next to marry. and this, my dears, happen in the MIDDLE of the dancefloor in full view of the world.

first and foremost, if you think daniel is getting anywhere near under my dress in front of his mum, my dad and his very austere aunt, you must be mad. and which masculine dude, in their sane mind, would wanna catch a piece of lace that has been attached so close to someone else's lady bits? i mean seriously now. i cringe each time i watch it. plus it always looks a little sleazy and i really don't want to be the one to explain to our 3 year old angel of a cousin what just happened and why its is OK for uncle daniel to peek up a lady's skirt.

lucky for me, daniel is also not very keen since his only best man is married and the other two groomsmen are my brothers (who btw are too young to get married and too good for any girl out there anyway....says the big sister)

but im a little undecided on the toss. let me break down the reasons why:

"hell to the no!"
- i take my flowers very seriously. im even contemplating keeping a small spritzer in my wallet to freshen my flowers mid dinner.. 'nuff said.
- im not sure if the ladies will appreciate being "singled" out.. (haha pun intended!)
- i hated it when i was single. and always wondered if my bf would feel stressed if i unfortunately landed up with the bouquet
- what if no one wants it and my bouquet lands in a "thud" on the floor. awkward...
- urm is it bad form to ask for the bouquet back? or should we made a throwing bouquet?

"yes! don't be selfish, lady!! share some love!!"
- its kinda good luck passed on and all that nice things
- its tradition!! chinawoman, you already stripped the entire western wedding from all its traditions, surely this one isn't too hard to keep...
- i have a gorgeous balcony with stained glass over the dance floor which i can throw off, it would kinda be fun..
- photo op for some hilarious pictures (see above)
- daniel's grooms-chicks are already excited about the bouquet toss.. *guilty*

just last week over dinner, we were having that discussion and i vivaciously listed all of the above and my very sympathetic guy friend comforted me and told me if no one fights for the bouquet, he will definitely step it and catch it. promise, cross his heart. which is so so super sweet!! so that kinda solves point 1 & 4..

what do you think? bouquet toss, yayy or nay??


  1. Toss!
    Though I'm one of those who gets very reluctant to gather in that group of single ladies but I'm sure there are always a few who will be keen and will be disappointed if you don't?

  2. but what if EVERYONE but the grooms-chicks are dragging their feet. then so poor thing right??
    and then at one glance you can see who is still unmarried.. so poor thing. feel like im sacrificing my girls' privacy!! haha... i think too much, prolly.

  3. nay to garter and probably toss only if you have happening friends...
    no one ever wants to catch the bouquet at all the weddings i've been too.. so it always lands on the floor and my heart goes out to the flowers!! But i think it makes for a good photo op.
    I take my flowers v seriously too.. and i am having cymbidiums.. it'll all fall apart if i toss it, and i am already thinking of making dried flowers out of them. So i am definitely not tossing that bouquet :) But i am making a seperate bouquet of mini roses myself for the toss (thats the part where i can't get a single florist to promise me they'll be able to get me my yellow mini roses! Now how difficult is it to get them right?! Now i have to have backups in case they can't get me yellow ones. Sigh.)

  4. i guess my guy friend will dive in and save the flowers for me (my hero of the day!!!!) but im having anemones, i think they bruise at the slightest touch!! :(
    why cant they get yellow mini rose? go to far east and buy yourself!! or ask a bridesmaid to do. very easy to bunch togeher. except if you're tossing, please remember to dethorn.
    i'd totally do it for you love. cept i'll be in pp leaving on a plane to usa. sorry.. i thought of doing something little for you but unfortunately wrong country wrong time! :(

  5. gosh they are pretty...hahah... tell your guy friend to aim for the stem while saving your flower.. haha.. i can so imagine it in slow motion in my head when u turn back and see him reaching out to catch it and you will be going... stem sTeM STEM!!! hahaha.. sorry... bored out by work now and having crazy thoughts :)
    And gosh, i completely forgot about the dethorning part! Will have to get the florist to do it for me... thanks for the reminder :) i called far east... n they too can't promise... n none of my bridesmaid wana go down to far east for me :( Everyone's complaining its too far.. can't blame them.. i have tons of crafts i need them to put up for me that day *cue bridezilla* Anyway, managed to get one of the florist near one of the bridemaid's place to TRY to get it for me *rolls eyes* she is suggesting yellow alstromeria as backup (love it but the fact that it clusters at the top make it quite hard to stand in glasses cos i using it as deco too) and i'm thinking maybe (1)mini yellow and green carnations or (2)yellow daisies and greem poms poms instead (which you think is better?). saw some gorgeous ones at cold storage. That way they can't give me the 'i want flowers from mars' tone again.
    No worries babe. It was nice enough getting to know a friend like you through this whole wedding prep process *hugs*

  6. Pom poms, daisies and carnations are great! :) achieve the look and are sturdy flowers.. i personally like yellow pom poms! (as you prolly can tell) and provided your not pantang, its definitely sturdier than the other two. Carnations are ok too!! in fact you can buy the day before and bunch it together, easy peasy! :)
    and me the same too! *hugs*! jia you!! :) :)

  7. toss the flowers!! you only get to do it ONCE!

  8. Hazel
    I made a mini version of mine and threw that instead. I rigged the tossing of the bouquet and ask a friend to go for it coz her wedding was 5 months after ours. If u see my wedding pics, all the girls ran in opposite direction when the bouquet was thrown. Lucky I rigged it else it would be a loud "plonk" on the floor.

  9. i don't really fancy the pushing and pulling to fight for the bouquet, but I could do it if it's highly civilised.. haha
    Don't worry! Boon'll be there anyway!! haha

  10. i guess you're right!! i'll prolly do it! :) sounds like there are good enough reasons to do it anyway!

  11. Re: Hazel
    hahaha!! hi hazel! :) thats a great suggestion! :)
    i might make a throwing bouquet instead! i read in Martha Stewart that you can make little mini bouquets so everyone catches a bit and with each mini bouquet there is a little line like fortune cookie "you will marry a handsome man!" or "you will be married by december!" haha..
    that would be hilarious! (and more work again..)

  12. okie!! :) you stand prettily at the back and i aim for you! :) *wink*
    i hope no one else is reading this now!! :) boon will dive to catch in case my aiming or your catching not as swell! :)

  13. ZY! hello!There is no way I am tossing the flowers that i'm getting from Spellbound (winks at you). I love flowers and I am so going to spritz mine.
    But how do we get away with the conundrum with most of the bridesmaids no longer being single and the painful sight of people avoiding a flying bouquet? might just toss it to my shameless guy friends and my dad suggested tying a XX dollar ang pow on them (for luck he says). Haha!

  14. Toss! Use a tossing bouquet so you can keep yours! And since you already have a backup plan for someone to catch it, it's gonna be fun to watch and see who else joins in the fun. Not to mention photo opp for fun fun pictures!

  15. appoint a few unmarried girls to bravely step up/out when its time to toss the flowers! the rest will follow suit! ;)

  16. hahaha! :) okie! :) i can't wait to see! :)

  17. okie! :) good idea! :) i'll shortlist my few brave unmarried girls! :)
    actually not that many left anyway.. maybe will have to go with lorr's idea to insert an angpow as "good luck" (and incentive) hahah! :)

  18. oh gosh your dad is BRILLIANT! :) that's the best idea i've heard! :)

  19. thanks so much for my virtual gift!! my first ever and so so cute!! :) :)

  20. the ang bao idea is funny!
    you can be sure ALOT of people will be fighting for that bouquet! ;)

  21. ok i'll often send to you next times! ;)

  22. need to figure out a way to reciprocate. but im such a laggard with tech-y stuff!
    give me a month! im sure i'll get there!!

  23. haha its ok, you can learn at your own pace!
    is your account a paid account?

  24. yeah! it is! got your email! thanks heaps! :)

  25. toss, yayy!!! the photo of some of my girlfriends physically recoiling from the flying bouquet is one of my absolute favourites from the wedding. anyone who is feeling really awkward about the bouquet toss probably wouldn't join in anyway, so just don't force anyone and you should be fine!
    oh, and, er, i did ask for my bouquet back ... heh ... but then i'm super thick-skinned. somehow a tossing bouquet felt a little less traditional to me ... like i couldn't let go. yes i realise the irony of this coming from someone who asked for the bouquet back. :)

  26. haha!! :) i'll be similarly thick-skinned and ask for my bouquet back! or make an extra bouquet if time permits!!
    your bouquet is my fav of all times!! :) like for real. im completely smitten by yellow poms! :)


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