Wednesday, June 16, 2010

its good-news june! :)

so we're headed to usa next friday, attending our best pals' ROM on our own wedding ROM-iversary day and am completely floored by the amount of support and great friends we're surrounded by... just last week, my god-brother sent me a complete list of my kooky brothers' friends address. which is sounds like its not a biggie but im head over heels in love with him. and his efficiency!!

and then another pal of my other kooky brother analyze our entire wedding menu and helped us make suggestions just by READING the menu! not just "urm. i like fish, thanks!" but more like "It's sweet, aromatic, moist and has got that saltiness kick from the pancetta...And i would think that it would look fantastic on a plate..." vs "sweetness from the Port wine plus a nicely reduced beef/veal jus would be a perfect sauce to offset the beetroot & horseradish taste" OMG! lifesaver.

THEN... we received a letter from hawaii informing kooky brother no. 2 that his "distinguished academic excellence" placed him on the dean's list. woohoo!!! good job, little baby brother! in our family, we have a long-standing joke that our parents gave kooky brother no. 1 all the brains and kooky brother no. 2 all the looks. (yes.. leaving me with pretty much nothing but flat hair with frizzy ends & no butt.) but i guess the little one did us proud!!! i can't wait to see both my brothers in 3 weeks!! they're thinking to pop up to phnom penh to seek refuge from my parents. (just kidding!! just kidding, dad!!!!)

but when we unite, wherever we are, celebrations are definitely in order!! :) 

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  1. Enjoy your trip babe! Traveling to the States always makes me happy :)I'm enjoying the summer here now!

  2. are you there now! :) which state are you in!!!
    i can't wait!! i love the warmer seasons more than winter. maybe its my body but i feel SUPER lethargic and snuggley during winter.

  3. thanks love! im super excited.
    i even have a "shoe" fund! :) hopefully will find cool things! :)

  4. Oregon Portland babe :) Here for my seasonal meetings.
    It's still chilly though. Low of 9 degrees C -_- But when it's sunny at around 23-27, it's gorgeous!

  5. ohh!!!! i hope the sun comes out all week long!!!
    have a wonderful time there babe!!! you're so so lucky! is like your second home! i wish i travelled to cool places like this for work!


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