Wednesday, June 9, 2010

catching up on life.

my domestic helper in singapore thinks im a spoilt princess.

i don't know what gave her that impression but maybe my not lifting a finger at home didn't help!! just before i left for the airport last night, she packed me a mini bag of ingredients with very clear instructions how to make barley water. she kept telling me its easy and i should make couple times a week for daniel. (damn that man must look like i deprive him of decent home cooked food..) and hey! i cook and clean and all that homey things when im back in our own home. 

come to think of it, there has been flasks of barley water, green bean soup and all that good chinese brewy-stewy soup at home for the past few weeks when he was around. .. and its not like i get them when im back alone. anyway, just to prove that im a virtuous and good wife, i have barley water on the stove today!! and stocked up on fresh fruits so i can make snack packs to take into the office in the morning.

in the meantime, im under strict instructions from my dad to rest up so i can finally get over this nasty bout of flu. so no more riding around town in the hot sun till i fully recover. this morning, i snuggled up with a book i've been meaning to read for ages and sipped on ginger tea. now, my tummy is all sloshy from the chicken soup and liquids! :) 

here's some snaps from a book i picked up in korea while waiting on the bob to run her banking errands.

"1cm" is a korean illustrated book. its unclear what its about cos i can' read a single word.. 

with pictures like that, who needs words right??

and this one made me laugh! :) 

we have a bunch of really quirky books in storage. some vintage fairytales, some coffeetable books with really luscious prints, some beautiful cookbooks with recipes begging to be tested. i can't wait to dust of their covers and reorganize them into proper bookshelves when we get our own little place SOON!!!


  1. i love the doggy one!! how cute!

  2. Ooh get well soon! My special formula for getting well: 1 glass of barley/water, 1 glass of vitamin C water (or tablet if you prefer), 2 Panadol tablets (or 1 Panadol Extra), and a good, long sleep!

  3. so cute right!! i won cos of his long nose! :)

  4. thanks hon! :) i swear your special formula solves everything from flu to a broken heart! nothing a good long sleep can't solve!
    lovies!! :)


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