Thursday, May 6, 2010

wednesdays are filled with...

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cuddles and cutie puppies!! :)

im back in singers for a 2-day work trip. and its my uncle nana's birthday today! so we snuck in a dinner treat for the birthday boy! i half suspect my family finds every excuse to celebrate. its always someone birthday or someone's in town or a promotion of something. i mean, im not complaining! i wouldn't have a family any other way!

of late, the trees outside my home has been sprinkling the roads and passer-bys generously with bright yellow blooms. im not even sure what trees they are but we've had them since young and they smell awesome this time of the year!! our very own singaporean-version of cherry blossoms. its just pretty to sit on the slope and watch the dogs jump that the floating ltty-bitty bits of petals as the sun sets! :) life's glorious!


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