Saturday, May 8, 2010

wedding stuff: non-flower bridesmaid bouquet

once i set my mind to things, i usually pull all stops when it doesn't turn out PERFECT. this is one of those "fail" situations. *pout* 

i've been having a bit of problems getting hold of flowers in australia. firstly, im not familiar with the florists and wholesale markets and secondly, its winter and i don't really know the cool weather flowers as well. but i guess part and parcel of planning a destination wedding. also, it doesn't help that i have super high expectations for bouquets. (blame my boss. i've always been spoilt by her gorgeous bouquets. can't settle for less). so i guess i'll have to come up with a back up plan! and if if if im lucky enough to figure something out, i'll definitely still aim to make my own bridesmaid bouquet. all TEN of them.

how do you like the little love hearts above:) i thought thats simple and cute!!

and this one assembled from antique brooches is precious too! definitely a keeper!

too feathery? but it reminds me a little of my moumou!! :)

this one i wanted for my own bouquet but i didn't want one of those "GRANDMAAAA! what in the world were you thinking?? butterflies????" moments in time to come..

cos i know karma's a bitch and i totally "GRANDMAAAA... what in the world were you thinking?? purple orchid bouquet the size of your upper torso??" my own granny! :) but frankly, she was very trend-savvy back in her days in her poofy white bridal dress which she calls a "western dress" and looked every bit the radiant and glowy bride. i guess grandpa just got over-zealous with his purple orchids! they were cascading all over the place in their heavily edited wedding portraits! :) :) but the marriage (and picture) still good as gold after 50 years.


  1. hey i like the butterflies!!!!!!!!!

  2. its cute!! :) and very easy. just have to start collecting fake butterflies now! :)

  3. collect? from where? juz go and buy lah?!

  4. yeah. thats what i meant!! start buying them from different places!! :) so you have a variety of different styles! makes an interesting bouquet!

  5. Haha.. i actually came across these too and i LOVED the one made of hand brooches... so vintage..
    I wanted to keep my original bouquet and make one for the toss... and i'm still figuring out what to make... the thought of making more felt flowers is putting me off a little... hahahah...
    Your blog gives me strength to face my felt flowers again...

  6. oh i love making felt flowers.. how many do you need for a bouquet and what colours are you looking at??
    mine are definitely not profesh. but let me know and i can contribute a few!! :)

  7. i might take this into consideration for my bouquet! how unique!

  8. Its definitely yellow and white.. but still figuring out how many i need. But don't worry sweetie, you still have your 2,000 petals to go, i won't want to trouble you :)
    I finally got down to tying ribbons for my lollies last night.. and i think i am insane to be doing it! I only managed like 20 last night!! I'm so tempted to scrap the idea...waddya think?

  9. nono. don't scrap! i'll HELP! when is your wedding date! Im SUPER at tying ribbons... :)


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