Thursday, May 20, 2010

wedding stuff: guest escort tags

once i see an idea i like, im like a dog with a bone. can' my recently distraction from the mammoth task of designing our own stationery suite is this!!

source: here

gorgeous right?? i'll totally melt into a puddle and die on the floor if i went to a wedding with my name on a button badge. this also means that i'd need to create these babies prior to final RSVPs, colour coordinate them to their backings, have someone lay them out nicely on the reception day. between that and the 2847 other little things to do, like "please place two handful of petals on each table, then a pinch of glitter and a sprinkle of crystals, while you're at it, can you please delicately hang some wicker birdcages from the ceiling???".. i reckon my bridal party might quit on me and walk out the door. pronto.

on the flip side, my partner in crime who usually runs with whatever idea i fancy does NOT think this is a big deal. and actually, *dramatic music on* this might be our first wedding disagreement ever!!! he thinks he'd throw away a badge that has his name. just like he would to conference tags, badges, etc. (seriously, DUDE!!! throw away?? that's rough. its no conference badge.. this is like calligraphed, colour coordinated and all..) but i suspect if he thinks that way, about 99% of our guests would too.

but like a dutiful groom, he said i could make the last call. and if i choose to do this, he'll still layout the design and all..

so wadaya think, girlies!!!?? yayy or nay??

just a side note for my always practical dad (who by now is totally thanking his lucky stars he only has ONE daughter) : this is not the tealight placecard we're working on. so that plan still goes on! this one tells you what table you're on so you can walk to the table and look for your tealight which shows you wich SEAT you're on. not too complicated right? :)


  1. Looks awesome!
    I've always thought I'd give this away as little gifts, but for the small amount I'm making, those shops are like charging me $3 for a badge! :(

  2. Haha... i almost flipped laughing reading this :)
    I went up to my friend morning and said i've got a brilliant plan for the photo table... i need ABC and XYZ and i need to trouble u to lay them out for me... and her response was like if you are troubling me, whats so brilliant about it :)
    Anyway, D might be right on this one.. Why not change the wordings on the badge to a quirky quote and the name and table number on the card?
    And the tealight placecard thingy sounds awesome... but still can't quite visualise it... pictures?

  3. i personally wouldn't throw it away. it'll be a part of my wedding collectibles! BUT it is quite a bit of work there, which could mean more drama IF (and a BIG if) it doesn't work out. especially singaporeans. we're bad at RSVPs and stuff. it really depends on your guests and whether it'll be worth the effort. so...good luck!

  4. being a girly girl i DO love the *idea* of them. however if i were a guest, i'm not sure i'd want to pin anything on a dress/gown i was wearing, especially if it's expensive...i don't want to put any kind of holes in my outfit!!! that's just me being super anal though ;)

  5. I say nayy. :( I feel it's not very practical? And it's extra money and effort you could maybe put somewhere else.

  6. Yayy or Nay?
    Hiya Zhing,
    I would go for nay.
    The idea is great and so-so personal..I likey!
    However as a (vain pot) guest, I wouldn't want anything pinned on my gown or whatever dinner dress I'm wearing.
    Just my two-cents lah babe.

  7. i guess so. you do make a point! i won't wanna pin it on me too....
    and yet at the same time i think i'll be sad if no one wears it..
    oh.. maybe its a nayyy! :) thanks sweets!

  8. *sigh* decisions decisions.. yeah.. you are right abotu RSVPs. i wonder why tho.. its such an easy thing to do!!

  9. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    next idea please!

  10. hahaha... i guess i just am not so good with quirky words! and love quotes. i think i'll have to sleep on it.
    working on the tealight placecard! its awesome i'll have to show off when i actually print them properly! :) :) :)

  11. im starting to think that im the only one loving this idea!!
    i guess puts things in perspective if you girls think its silly too! :)

  12. hahahah!! :) frrom the overwhelmingly nay response... i think i'll have to give up! :*( booo hooo...

  13. Re: Yayy or Nay?
    you do have a point!! i think im convinced.. maybe not then!! :)
    i just thought it would be so cute to wear a name tag. so you won't ever forget each others name!!! :) but i guess that's just me!

  14. yeah its really ex.. i nearly thought of buying my own badge maker cos of that!!! :(

  15. awww com'on! you'll have more ideas! ;P

  16. I was going to do escort cards for my wedding - placecards with a cutesy customised garden theme button stuck on it and the placecards had gorgeous fonts spelling out names of the guests etc. Actually did about 70% of them but the guest list for our garden wedding just kept changing so much so I gave up and just gave out buttons instead. Guests must have found it weird getting random buttons. Hehe

  17. hahahahaha i totally can see it ending up like that. im thinking to bail on this plan!! :)
    p.s. i'd have been TOTALLY happy to receive random buttons tho..

  18. Haha, I came into the comments section totally thinking I'd be the sole "nay" person, but looks like I'm not! Sorry babe, I've to agree with your partner-in-crime this time, not really feeling the idea of pinning badges to the dress. In fact, I've sth to confess, I usually throw away most wedding favours cos I don't know what to do with them after a while! The practical me likes perishable favours like sweets, haha...

  19. hahaha!! :) i suspect so will 90% of our guests.. which is why i don't have any real wedding favours, just a million little miscelaneous knick knacks..
    thanks for your help babe!

  20. I really really like this idea! But I suspect it may be more suited to an informal brunch/tea party session than a wedding dinner. Personally, I like the fact that I can see everyone's name and it's more conducive to socializing - however the Singaporean wedding dinners I've been to don't have that atmosphere at all. Maybe try this for a non-Singaporean wedding dinner?

  21. yeah i agree with you! :) i guess i'll have to can that idea for our next tea/brunch hosted at our new place! :)


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