Wednesday, May 19, 2010

im a little overwhelmed and flustered this week. there's been too much travelling and i think i need a nice long block of time somewhere, anywhere. and a little bit of uninterrupted time to sort out my belongings. im generally organized but is really hard maintaining a checklist of what's where, especially with the million of craft projects im working on. both for work and for myselves. maybe its time i set myself a rule that i can only dabble in ONE project at a time.

and on the computer front, we've successfully moved all my documents and years of pictures from my trusty sony vaio to my new apple laptop. on the surface everything is working great but im having separation anxiety. so im running both laptops at the same time with data all over the place. im excited to start learning how to work better on the macbook pro, (since everything we own at home is apple now.. ) but its so friggin' hard. and having some teething pains. and i miss my old laptop.

im on the road again tomorrow. coming back home for a wedding this weekend and hopefully i'll get some time to catch my breath and chill a little.

here are some wedding pretties from snippet & ink via ruffled blog.

wedding colours: pink sorbet, charcoal and white chalk

hey! on the up side, i relieved that im still crazily in love with these colours!! :) 


  1. I was at a yoga class and saw a girl with the word BREATHE tattooed on the back of her neck and thought its so cool..
    Lets all breathe now girl :)

  2. hahaha! :) thats really very cool. wonder how she sees that reminder tho since its at the back of her neck! :)
    thanks for the reminder sweeheart. i really needed it!

  3. Oh! Just noticed your new blog theme! Nice and so you. :)

  4. A mac gets some time to get used to but i promise you babe, once you go mac, you never go back!

  5. thanks!! as i wrote about being overwhelmed, i decided to give the blog a facelift! :)
    and as for the mac, its such a painful transition. i think i'll stick to the apple for life!!! i take that you're a mac user too!

  6. ooooh you got a mac! hows the transition from windows-based to macbook??

  7. hmmm.. hard for now. cos im not familiar with the quick keys and i keep right clicking...
    but im sure i'll be ok in a month's time! :)

  8. practice maketh perfect!
    im super unwilling to get a macbook cos im not too sure if i'll get used to it or regret getting it!

  9. yilian says you'd never regret the change! i kinda gave daniel's computers a test run before i agreed to swop over. its kinda a biggie cos there are little hiccups along the way and gonna change the way you do things (as compared to the windows system). but in all, so far, no complains.
    does help that as an incentive to trade off my windows laptop, i get an iphone at the end of this transition. so with litlle nudges here and there, i jumped (unwillingly) on board.

  10. ahhh yay you have the iphone! welcome to the club babe!
    which apps have you got already!!? =)
    hmmmmmmmmmm my unwillingness stems from klkl's telling me that he wont be able to help me to troubleshoot if i run into problems or programs that i dunno how to use. so iffy! thats why im blah about getting a macbook and think to stick conservatively back to a windows-based vaio instead. SIGHS

  11. i have not gotten the iphone yet. its the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! are there any apps i absolutely have to download??
    hahaha im crossing from the other end. daniel is the opposite. he is on camp apple and can't help me much when my windows runs into trouble!!!

  12. -whatsapp - paid version though - USD0.99 (to sms and send photos to friends all over the world for free as long as theyve got this app too!)
    -words with friends (to play scrabble with me!!)
    -photoshop mobile
    -fisheye for free
    -polarize (for polariod photographs!)
    -purilite (for neoprints photographs)
    -free menstrual calendar
    -angry birds (vvvv fun game!) - paid version though - USD0.99
    -ihappydays (to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries)
    i think its a dandy idea to be on the same camp as the husband/partner! so that there's a permanent someone to do the trouble-shooting for you! :D

  13. awesome! :) thanks for the list. and im totally with you! :)


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