Sunday, May 16, 2010

momma said there'd be days like this...

in the spirit of FULL disclosure, i feel like this post should be public. VERY public. but i really don't wanna hurt feelings cos my parents religiously scrutinizes my blog. so i'll have to keep this under wraps.

so. wedding planning. not always a piece of cake. my type "a" personality. certainly not helping out here. but here goes nothing.

we're in the midst of sorting out invitations cards and my mum insisted that she'd like something different for the singapore invites. i couldn't give two hoots. but since this makes her happy and the whole point of our singapore soiree is about making her happy anyway, i just went with it. we did fairly good so far coming up with the design and came fairly close with the first draft of the invites.

but due to some delivery hiccups, the specially ordered envelopes from UK came a few days after i departed for korea. so i had arranged for a courier to pick up one envelope from my house and delivery to the stationery store. however, my parents, who are awfully practical, felt like it was a waste of money and decided themselves mum will delivery the envelope instead. so i had to write a note to the stationery store, my designer and mum to coordinate. all this while on the road. heard nothing from either party so assumed all went well.

until my last day in korea, bright and early while i was enveloped in delicious hotel sheets and a cloud of fluffy comforter... when dad called to say that mum had signed off on the draft (!!!) and was ready to pick up the full set of completed invitations coming thursday (!!!) . woah. i totally flipped cos the chinese invite was kinda-sorta ok. but the english was far from it. so there i was, stranded in korea with no computer or internet access, trying to conjure up images of my first drafts and the monstrosity of an invite with spelling, grammatical errors and gross fonts. my invites. i nearly passed out. but just for the records, i didn't yell. silent treatment is the most lethal form of punishment in my family.

source: here

daniel keeps telling me that is ok. that at least our names are correct and hotel information is kinda sorta there. (KINDA SORTA?? DUDE??) and that no one will notice all that small stuff (EXCEPT ME?? and URM... YOU?) so im still sulking a little. and not really addressing the issue directly with my parents. but i think its pretty clear that im disappointed cos my mum who calls every few minutes to tell me "i ate this and thought of you!!!" and "woah! the dog just yawned and thought of you" has not been calling for a few days. so i think its time i pick up the phone to kiss and make up already.

oh well. c'est la vie.

is this not the worst wedding boohoo you've ever heard??  *pout*


  1. Breathe babe, just breathe.
    Totally understand where you're coming from (hello type A personality ;p), it's not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. Plus I am sure your dummy dearest was just trying to help / lessen your load. And your slient treatment has punished her enough. Big hugs!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling frustrated. Hope it works out eventually.

  3. *grrr* i'll get over it when its sent out and i'll never see it again. :(

  4. im prolly overreacting. but seriously tho, right intentions wrong effect. and the worst is, the invite is meant to reflect us! *faint* errors and all! boohiss...
    we've made up but im sure i'll be sad again when i actually get the invite in hand! :(

  5. relaxxxxx
    *gives zhing a chill pill*

  6. haiyar.. so xian. but anyway, bigger picture bigger picture. im already married and still will have a fun wedding!

  7. hahahhaa!! hilarious! :) totally need it. thanks babe!

  8. Your friend has a point, at least you don't have to see it once it's sent.. My invite had a spelling error - I wanted to flip, but then I got distracted by other problems.. haha. I think my guy was relieved..

  9. note: brides DO NOT over-react.
    hence, your reaction is perfectly normal! hahahahaaa

  10. *sigh* i really try and try so hard not to be the demanding bride. too late for this one tho. just gotta let go...
    how did the wedding planning go for you? did you have fun???

  11. hahahaha! distracted by other problems! can't wait!!! *little smile*
    im over it actually.. just a little whingey when i think about it.. haha..

  12. ooh loads of fun, altho it can't count as a wedding planning. i think it is more like a lil party of sorts. but we did out own centerpieces with recycled glass jars, bottles, all shapes and sizes, and stuck all kinda white-ish flowers in them. quite pretty! it was...a decent outing...i think. but tons of fun!!! will show pics soon!

  13. i can't wait to see! it sounds awesome! :) i love eclectic mix of vases and florals! adds a little bit of fun and variety!


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