Tuesday, May 18, 2010

in seoul: the hwang residences

i was utterly impressed this morning when i woke up and found my thumb drive with all our seoul pictures edited. "for your blog" says the husband. quick note to self when we're in the middle of a hot arguement, #294 reason why you should cut him some slack: he edits pictures for your blog.

anyway, i don't have that many pictures from the first few days of our travels. mostly because daniel was looking a little green from work. kinda sorta like this: 

i love you still honey!

so my daily routine consists of the following: waking up at the crack of dawn, take a nice cool walk down to the train station, dig into yummy pancakes at local bakery, handel and gretel. sip on our coffee and watch busy korean people walk by really really fast. then he'll disappear into the crowd underground. then i'll hop onto the hotel shuttle to take me up the hill (lazybummers). i'll then change into comfy home cothes and do some work for most part of the morning, then hit the pool for a few quick laps and meet judybob for her lunch hour at 1pm. she's taken me to the employee cafeteria and a nearby local watering hole that served superb bimbimbap. the darnest thing is they would only have menu items in korea, no pictures so i didn't get to go back again. then i'll hop onto the tai-tai express (hotel shuttle) that does routine loops to the typical shopping district and wander around.

around 8pm, judy will come meet me and we'll hang until the boys are done. go for a night cap or late night breakfast and crash into bed at the wee hours of the morning!! super tiring but apparantly thats part of the working culture. admittedly mostly for men but i cannot imaging nursing a hangover every single work day!!

we were invited in the middle of the week to judy's new pad for a home cooked meal and a sleepover. just like old times! :) this is her piping hot bulgolgi. she attempted to teach me how to make cos daniel was such a huge fan but i got lost kinda around the time she got to the sauces.

urm.. not gonna happen.

daniel's favorite side-dish, cucumber kimchi. its crunchy and spicy and super fresh!

our hottie chef! (wearing our wedding gift for her.. )

just like the old times, chilling over coffee, ice-cream and america's next top model!! :)

and if judy's home is not the ultimate haven of modern living, i don't know what is. she has the snazziest housekeeping gadgets and gizmos aplenty. including a much coveted auto vacumn cleaner that daniel is crazy about. i don't know what's with men and toys! its really not like im so keen to vacumn but seriously how can a little robot disc clean the entire house for you? it sounds too good to be true! meanwhile, im oohing and ahhing over her dyson. are we not growing old or what!!!

i was gonna sign off with a completely retarded (and pointless) video of the vacumn. but cambodia wireless internet objects so i guess that'll have to wait!! :) thanks for having us, judy & lucas! :) we miss wanna move in and be your neighbours!!



  1. can i have ur cucumber kimchi recipe please?!

  2. oooo. good question! my friend who is queen of all recipes is on vacation to NYC. but here's one that looks excellent with english translation!! :)

  3. excellent! coincidentally i had some fantastic cucumber kimchi last night in zambia and really wanted to make some! And it looks like all the ingredients are available here.
    and yes, someone who edits pictures for your blog is a keeper ;)

  4. in zambia!!! awesome! thats so cool!! :) :) :) i'd love to travel there one day! and eat cucumber kimchi!!

  5. Hello from NYC!
    It's good that you had lotsa fun in Seoul =)
    Sorry I was a bit busy with work.
    NYC is fun! found tons of shops you would like. I will sure keep you updated for your next trip. love love!

  6. Re: Hello from NYC!
    ooooooo NYC!!! any sample sales that you went to!! tell me all about it!!!!
    its ok babe! when you were at work, i was suitably occupied with shopping!! :) :) :)

  7. 10s! it looks uber deeeeeliciooous!!


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