Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wedding crafts: table numbers

what's in a table number? i love themed weddings with funky table names! places you've been, countries you've visited, favorite food, the options are endless!! :) but the OCD in me likes the idea of having clean cut numbers!! tables that run in order. in singapore, many banquets will skip the number "4" cos its unauspicious so it goes "1, 2, 3, 5, ... 39, 50, 51.." drives me nuts cos the total table is so not the end table number.. *faints*

i spotted this project very long ago in martha stewart and wanted to work on it! seriously martha stewart has the BEST tutorials! if you have not uncovered the not so hidden gem of a wedding & lifestyle resource, check them out here! my entire wedding planning career started with a teeny weeny MS crush but that a story for another day! so i spotted this long time ago and tried convincing client after another that they absolutely have to do it. but no takers. so while daniel used his brownie points picking wedding cake, wedding dress neckline, tuxedo, and a million other things he wanted, i was adament we were having these table numbers!

its not earth shatteringly designer-ish but i LOVE it!! :) calligraphed by maybelle imasa-stukul via martha stewart!!

**p.s. tell daniel my toilet paper flowers are pretty awesome. he banned them from our wedding even tho they are obviously unused. boring..

so, the idea is, each table number is different and holds pictures of us at that age..

goofy us at age 8!

turned out to be a bigger project than we thought which got the whole family involved!! we carted the huge albums from storage out and spent hours pouring over our childhood shots. then the boys scanned away and worked their magic on photoshop to remove the ageing and little blemishes. but REFUSED to remove my goofy 80s eyeglasses. (i was severely myopic so i either had super BIG and thick glasses on, or i was SQUINTING at the camera. so photogenic!!) *bah* but anything for a few giggles, i guess.

but the best bit of this project is the extra time surround by our families, the laughes we shared (over my eyeglasses again!!) and the stories that were retold. ah, special times!


  1. i love the inside! you two are the cutest things ever!
    my table numbers will be labelled with the names of the characters in the Midsummer's Night play. I am debating if my table should be called Titania or Oberon. Luckily there are just enough names for all the tables. As it is, i'm already pushing it with the lesser known roles and even more obscure characters...
    don't snigger if you land up at the table named 'Nick Bottom' or 'Tom Snout' hahaha

  2. oooh cute idea on number = photo at that age. if i had mine, i hope my tables never exceed 13 because those were some ugly years haha.

  3. wow... so cute...
    Sigh, i admire your perseverance girl, i feel i am in a craft overload mode here after figuring our K's bouttoniere yesterday!
    Just feel like staying off the scissors, felts and ribbons! Gosh, hope i can get back to it soon :)

  4. Cool stuff!! We also did table numbers for our dinner... I dragged husb out of his home one early sunday morning to somewhere with lush greenery and gorgeous architecture to take photos of ourselves in almost 35 different poses (we had 32 tables), and then I diy post processed it with a vintage finish (and searched all over the net for a vintage font) before setting it on our tables... Our guests loved it (half of them went missing after the dinner!!) and most thought we got professional photographers for this set of photos... Loads of effort on hindsight and glad tt husb still married me in spite of craziness! Hahaha
    oooh and Martha Stewart played a huge role in my wedding too! Hehe

  5. HOW CUTE!
    and what a fantastic idea!!!!!!
    ive got friends (of the same age as her partner) did it from their birth year till the year they are getting married! ie from 1980 to 2009! just nice they have 29 tables!

  6. hahaha!! we had our best years (pre pimples & braces) before (14) i guess thats why we capped at (14)! :)

  7. i did a midsummer wedding once (for my client)!! and LOVED adding diamonds to the table names!! my favorite being "fairy"!! and the whole time thinking of you!!!
    i'd love to be on "nick bottom"! im deaf's date... definitely need to be on bottom's table! :)

  8. hahaha key is to pace yourself, dear! Im sure i'll hit a wedding-craft block pretty soon!! :)
    im sure you have a gorgeous keyhole to show off tho! :)

  9. oh thats super cute!! and a plus for effort!!! :)

  10. hahaha! thats perfect!!! so many ideas! wonder how anyone can just live with the regular hotel-given numbers now! :) :) :)

  11. hah me!
    cos im boring. :P
    we might do a number-riddle thingy since klkl is an accountant~ :D

  12. hahaha!! thats even funny!!
    oops.. actually was gonna edit my comment cos i sounded a little too mean... sorry my bad.

  13. its soooo duh right? :P
    dun think kl cares anyways. SIGHS

  14. awesome!
    Hello zhiying jie,
    I chanced upon your blog!Your wedding is going to be a unique, fun and memorable ones! Love the pretty little handmade stuff for your wedding! Keep smiling and see you soon!

  15. The theme of our wedding was 3todance so the table numbers were the different types of dances :) had to come up with about 18. Yours is really meaningful and sweet.

  16. why 3todance? :) that sounds like a fun theme!! we'd love to have a dancing theme too!! ah well maybe our 10th anniversary! hahah!!! :)

  17. Re: awesome!
    hi maomao!! :) thanks for the compliments. not that it surprises you, right? im queen of little DIY knickknacks that absolutely serve no purpose! :) :)
    howhave you been! :) *hugs*

  18. Because we believe that God brought us together and we need Him to be the dance instructor in our marriage. The third person also refers to the community and our family and friends who have shaped us to be the person that we are today. The irony is we don't really dance! Haha!

  19. oh! i get it!! :) haha! thats very sweet and meaningful!!!
    not all themes have to be taken literally! :) i love yours!

  20. Re: awesome!
    ya you've always been good with craft work! and you absolutely have endless creative ideas! in future i'll have to consult you for my wedding! seems like you are having lots of fun as a wedding planner. are you still working now or just solely staying home to prepare for your big day? Envy your lifestyle :) Mao

  21. Re: awesome!
    im working dear! :) need to bring home bacon and to pay for the wedding!! :) :) :)
    are you also working too? it has been a million years since i've seen you! are you back from canada yet?


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