Thursday, April 15, 2010

that's what friends are for...

my dear friends have "zhiying is BAAAACK" parties all the time, im starting to wonder if they'll ever get tired of me cos im actually back urm almost every other weekend!! but without fail, whoever finds our first will send a mass mail across to everyone with caps! its adorable. and very very sweet.
this time round, i was having major burger cravings. (hard to get red meat here in cambodia) so they suggested to go to this cute new-ish joint, everything with fries!! done up by the same people that opened the always so cute "Awfully Chocolate"!!! go check them out!! they're at joo chiat & holland v!! insane parking spots but  i love loved their sour cream & onion fries, with extra kiam!! and their skinny wings!! hmmm..

so after dinner, we thought to hit the $10 sharks fin kara-ok joint but they were booked out so i lure the kids over to my place with song's new guitar hero set!! one thing lead to another, soon enough, i had the girls making their own pom-pom bouquets, covered from top to toe in sparkles while the boys were jamming away on the computer. talk about stereotypes!!

test drived our moustaches...

excuse the mess, my whole living room has turned into a "wedding corner" my dad is mortified because his work desk has been temporarily removed and his precious home theatre system has rose petals, ribbons and boxes of pearls stacked on top of it!! sorry dad... :) just 4 more months! :)

and made them slave over my red petal carpet....

i also introduced them to the art of hot glue gun!! (every crafters BFF! im serious!!!) and they loved it!! even justin!!! but a very disapproving daniel thinks im just being opportunistic and refused to partake in the festivities.. we eventually had a gluestick showdown between the "teams" to see who covered more ground in shorter time. we lost. :( but thats my perverse idea of a fun evening in!! come play if you like! we have another 23,000 petals to go!!

stayed glued (haha..) for more red carpet madness...

additional note: i kid you not, we really do have 23,000 ++ more petals to go.. go team!


  1. Daph and I wanted to go to Everything With Fries too for desserts after Katong Laksa two Sundays ago but it was too packed! So I guess I can still say I've been there? :/

  2. haha one day im gonna look back at all these crazy wedding-obsessed pictures and laugh! :)

  3. you should go again!! :) the fries are great!! desserts are ok too! i loved the nutella thingmagig! :)

  4. Are u a wedding planner?
    Hi Zhing, just a quick curious question. Are you work for a wedding planner in Singapore? Because I received email from somebody named Zhing from Spellbound, and was wondering if it was you.

  5. Gosh.. what are you doing with that petal carpet?! Is that going to be your march in aisle?

  6. Re: Are u a wedding planner?
    haha! :) yeah i work for spellbound and left you a note on the smiles on a stick once! :)

  7. yeah. for our singapore wedding, my mum thought this was a good idea. i think she is kicking her butt this very second for suggesting it! :)

  8. So nice! and considerate! Unfortunately for the hotel, I'm just going to litter :)

  9. hahaha! :) do you mean to scatter petals on the ground? thats a great idea as well! and much easier!!!
    but usually what happens is, the guests walk all over it and scatter the petals!! so, by painstakingly gluing it on, when its our turn to walk in, hopefully it means it'll still look spectacular!!

  10. 23000 more petals to goooo????? u're doing a wedding in sg? i'm confused! i tot it's only in melb?
    anyway, your weddings preps so far is totally fabulous. Tink you're gg to get lotsa business after showcasing yours! keke~

  11. yap, i can so see all the benefits of doing that... and the pics will look stunning with the petals still there!!! but i still have ribbons to tie on all 300 lollipops and still mastering up the will to do it :(
    I'll be cheering you on for your remaining petals :)

  12. okie! :) when you get lonely, holler!! i'll be cheering you one your remaining lollies! :)
    p.s. im super duper at tying ribbons. so if if you desperately need help, im here!

  13. I'm at Holland v quite a lot too... will be happy to drop by to help stick petals :)
    I always find it so much more fun helping others with their wedding crafts then doing my own! I just have to channel that enthusiasm the right way :p

  14. the one in singapore is a small one for my parent's friends and extended family. you know the typical "chinese rah rah" do. come to the one in melb!! it would be more fun!
    hahah its all my itchy handed ideas!! not endorsed by my company!!my clients' styles are usually the huge budget luscious big big flowers type in movies! mine is nothing compared to them!! :)

  15. Re: Are u a wedding planner?
    Wow, I'm so jealous!Are they hiring? hahaha..

  16. Re: Are u a wedding planner?
    haha! :) you're sure? i'll ask!! :) i love your concepts and your stationery is sooo cute! :)

  17. Re: Are u a wedding planner?
    Thanks! Yes, please ask. Never know if never try!
    I have wedding stationery business with my friends, currently we are in the midst of launching our letterpress invitation. Starting with mine!
    can check out in here
    Let's hope all wedding in Singapore can be as gorgeous and lovely as yours.. haha

    whats a red petal carpet?!?!?! what do you do to it?!?!?!

  19. Heylo!
    hey zhing! i found your blog during some random blog surfing! realized you got your gown from Dang and we are both using yixin :)
    Btw, love your ideas, hee very creative!
    I have so many other things to plan!
    Saw Anna's mail? I got some prob! still sorting things out on my end.. Hope to talk to you again soon!

  20. Re: Heylo!
    heyhey! :)
    thanks heaps! hope you're having fun with the wedding too!
    yeah i got copied into that email! keep me in the loop via! meanwhile, have a lovely weekend ahead!! :)
    zhing xx

  21. hahaha you walk down red petal carpet! :) being a wedding planner is not as much fun as planning your own wedding. actually im undecided which one is more stressful! :)

  22. but its gratifying to see the happyness on the couples' faces!!
    i ♥ seeing people happy! :D


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