Saturday, April 17, 2010

reception book: yayy or nay?

im in two minds about this one!! i hate signing in on reception books. they create a bottleneck at the reception area.. do you literally sign in your name? or write a little note (most likely the same note as the other 1273 guests) scrawled in my grade school handwriting? or do you draw little hearts and embellish the page like its your school-leaving autograph book??

and after all that? do people really keep it forever? do you even look at it after the wedding, pages and pages of intelligible scrawls?
i actually not mind this one!! but im not sure how keen people would be to get their fingers dirty with green ink on their way into our wedding! :) check it out here!

but will i miss it if i don't have a reception/ sign in book? 

wadaya think?? xx


  1. yeah, i agree -- haven't we already written all we need to write in our cards??
    my friend had everybody's photo taken (like if they came in a group they would take a group picture) and in the book save an area for the guests to sign.

  2. nayyy! im doing away with one for mine!!

  3. good decision! i just need to guts to say "no" and not regret it. im such a wishy washy person! *sigh*

  4. hahahah!!! :) i love the way you put it! :)
    the photobook is a great idea! im also having that so i guess it can take the place of a guestbook, right? surely i won't miss not having a book filled with signatures?

  5. to me, its just plain stupid. i wont even touch it at all, much less trying to squint and make out what people are writing! and seeing who didnt write! ahhhhh too much trouble!

  6. hahah very sensible! :)
    have a lovely weekend babe!! :) hope you have some awesome plans lined up!

  7. =) im lazy lah!
    heh thanks babe! wish you a lovely weekend too! :D

  8. Nay!
    Though I think a photobooth or polaroid stand would be really fun.
    A mate of ours went around getting people to video taped the guests and their wishes to us. Make for a really funny casual wedding vid. People started slurring their words as the evening went on haha!

  9. Hey!! Just gotta say it that this is a rip off! My designer friend, Raena, actually designed the wedding tree specially for friends Kok Hwee and Siew Lian for their wedding in September last year so this is def not original! Hope Kelly and Andrew acknowledges that, whoever they are! It was already done! :P

  10. Now u're making me think twice abt the book. Haha. The tree Is cute. But I'd think Is diy-able???

  11. Sup!
    Photobook / video message does sound like a better option.
    However if you insist on this, you could consider the finger painting ink. It washes off real easy.

  12. definitely can be done.. but at that price, myaswell pay them for it to get a original artwork!! :)

  13. hahaha! :) thats very cute! i didn't know people in singapore did it too.. i dunno who kelly and andrew are but this is an online website i found it from! :)

  14. thats a super cute idea!! :) im already having a photobooth. thats enough right?? im queen of finding more things to fuss over. *sigh*
    what your friend did is precious!! :) hopefully one of guests will think of that and make that for us..

  15. Re: Sup!
    i LOVE the video message idea. its so cute. but i guess would have to trouble someone to spend their evening going around with a videocam. quite a tall order! :)
    you have the best ideas! finger painting ink! why didn't i think of that!! :*)

  16. Re: Sup!
    I seriously don't have a clue.
    Ur the craft guru after all.
    Anyhoo I have a finger painting kit. Meant for my niece but I took it. Ha. Hence I was able to suggest this.
    And you can just have a self-service booth where ppl go & click record on a video cam on a tripod & stand over a spot marked X and record their well-wishes. Upon which ,they click stop & the next party comes along. Pretty fuss free no?
    BTW I have decided. If i ever get married(never) ha, or consider a huge celebration (Turning 30, gettin a PHD, sth along tt line), ur my official party planner. Ur way too creative for ur own good. I was floored by the wedding wand idea & the way it looked. It's simply gorgeous.

  17. nay to a book of signatures... but yay to the tree!!!
    That is SO cool... i seriously don't think anyone will mind having a green thumb really.. c'mon, its just a green thumb right?

  18. HAHAHAHA you're hilarious girl!! :) hahah a green thumb!

  19. Re: Sup!
    thats a great idea! :) hahahaha... i love it. im half suspecting if its in sinagpore no one will click on it tho. you know how "shy" people are at weddings. *roll eyes*
    YES dear.. yes yes! :)


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