Monday, April 19, 2010

monday muses..

happy monday, guy!!  im feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed today after a good long weekend break!! and just a little pink today!! how gorgeous are these pictures from creative mint. im bookmarking them as inspiration for future work desk! soooo preeety! :)

life's real good when you get a little window in your life to go skating, mess around with adorable (but rowdy) cousins and watch a little telly. its amazing how simple it was but remarkably refreshing!!

we're generally not very "awww baby.. coochiecooooooo, lets give them cuddles" sorta people but my cousin's children are really something else. they're such little people but packed full with character and so much fun!!! even the boisterous one-year old ( with the wit and guts of a drunken sailor), clung onto my jackrussels bent on having a pony ride. for once, i think my dogs met their match!! they were huddled in fear in the backyard for the whole evening. hilarious! you had to be there to witness it.

have a lovely week ahead..


  1. i love how your jrts were huddled in the back! my jrt/silky mix mutt does not like kids at all. he made a little girl cry at OSIM when he barked at her. HAHAHA. I have a demon for a dog.

  2. is so happy! :) pink is my ultimate favorite colour! :)
    i feel all primary school again proclaiming my love for a colour! haha! :)

  3. hahahahaha!! my dogs are TERRIBLE. they bark only at construction workers. im ashamed to say that i have racist dogs. *sigh*

  4. Zhing-Dong!!!!
    This is the craziest thing. I am doing research at nearly 4AM in my little room in Berkeley California looking up terms for my microbiology exam on Monday morning. After typing in "what is WHO", as in the world health organization, I scroll about halfway down the page and there is this picture of someone who looks awfully's Zhing-a-ling! It's meant to be, you, me and my little fly eating babies in Switzerland.
    I miss you so and only wish I could make it to your wedding. I will be in Uganda all summer long, living in mud huts and swatting mosquitoes.
    When will we meet again for a adventure like Barcelona and NYC.
    Talk soon,
    Miss M

  5. Re: Zhing-Dong!!!!
    Miss M!!!! This is so weird!!! Why would you find my blog from a "what is WHO" search!!! so so bizarre!!!
    i just returned from a quick trip to seoul to visit judy! :) and will be headed our way (your general direction over july 4th!) miss you heaps and think of me in your mud hut!!! do they really make houses with cow dung??
    kisses!! xxxx


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