Saturday, May 1, 2010

let talk about daunting tasks...

im well-equipped to navigate on foreign land, curse in many languages and in the words of my good friend, kokolis, im a "ball-breaker". take it as you may, but im a tough cookie but one thing i absolutely dread doing is calling daniel's office. i really save that for situations  when i desperately need help in deciding what colour i should get the latest pair of shoes in... just kidding!! but seriously, strictly when someone's life in danger.

unfortunately his crackberry has been a little wonky so i've been instructed to try the office when i can't get through. and it was one of those life-threatening call or die moments so i picked up the phone...

lady at reception desk (LR): xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, good afternoon, how may i help you.
me: *in my most pleasant voice* good afternoon, may i please speak to daniel allender?
LR: who may i say is calling?
me: this is zhing.
LR: and where shall i say you're calling from?
me: *panic* (do i say "home"? neh, that sounds really dumb. "mrs allender"? bah, what am i? 80?.. how about "his wife", yucks so snotty. maybe "girlfriend" but ewww.. sound like some bubblygum chewing highschool girl).. hmm. im his LADY FRIEND.
LR *dramatic silence* please hold the line...

DARN IT!!! i don't believe i said "lady friend". great. now his receptionist thinks he is cheating on me with a lady friend. *sigh*. -_-


  1. Hahaha!
    You could go "let him know his family is calling" :)

  2. Omg! I can't believe you said that!! Lol!! Your poor husbands gonna get a lot of curious stares! Hehe

  3. LOL should have just say "wife".

  4. LOL. Very uhm...smooth? :P This made my morning.

  5. that sounds way more professional! :) oh well.. too late.

  6. i too can't believe it. im just cool like that! *sigh*
    i think it has been too long since i've work in the corporate world!

  7. i was only mildly amused at that point but on hindsight, pretty funny!
    have a lovely weekend, babe!

  8. i was avoiding that too cos we're having weddings coming up. so i don't want to confuse his office more about our current status.
    OBVIOUSLY, i think TOO much... *sigh*

  9. are you guys having alot of weddings?! LOL

  10. to me, hell yeah! but we're at the tail end! two more to go only! :)

  11. haha... actually, i have said "sister" many times!!! lol. before we were married, that is. :P he was always very amused. his sister hardly rings him! hehe

  12. hahaha!! yeah. i should say sister too! he'd totally know that my codeword cos he's only child!! much better PR than "ladyfriend" i reckon...
    that "obsessed wife calling to ask him what time he returning" stigma is really nagging at the back of my mind.


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