Saturday, April 24, 2010

if i only had ONE pair of shoes...

it would be these!!!

but of course, they HAD to be made by christian louboutin, and urm only about $1000 above my budget. *sigh* aren't they cute? im in the market for some dress shoes for.. urm. oh. hell. im always in the market for some insanely tall, gorgeous heels. always.

last night we were yadda-ing in the car when yewsong said " i don't know much about lady clothes but im all about the shoes."

hah! totally cut from the same cloth,right? this man has my heart.


  1. so feminine yet to fierce!! *love*! :)

  2. Gasp! Work of art these are!!!! What are your wedding shoes like, if it is not too rude to ask :) (You can ignore me!)

  3. *huge sigh* so pretty!! i wish i designed awesome shoes like that!!
    no, not at all! always happy to talk shoe! :) im using these. ( 'cuse the unsophisticated weblinking...
    and in the market for shoe #2! and #3.. *sheepish*

  4. But yours are sooo pretty already!! ;)

  5. but im sure you share the same sentiment. one can NEVER own too many pretty shoes! :)


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