Friday, April 9, 2010

hello yellow!! :)

i risk sounding like a broken record but i love my job.

fortunately enough, its more than a job. i get to do everything i absolutely love and would do even if you didn't pay me, i love my boss and most of all, it leaves me with enough time to travel heaps! i don't usually write directly about work because im not sure about copyrights and privacy and stuff but this wedding really really kicked ass. and im not really showing face or name. and i guess since the photog already posted an excellent set on facebook here, so im going on a limb that its ok to share.

back to the wedding. maybe it did help a wee bit that its the same summery hues i love, a kickass photobooth, dancing and my favorite band performing (immense crush on jack since i was very young..), such lovely guests and the bride had impeccable taste!! down to her vintage book clutch purse, her monique lhuillier, her red soles and adorable adorable party dresses, ADORABLE. she had me at hello!! i've not met anyone that has as similar (and quirky) taste as i do! so, the entire time working on this wedding it was like talking to a friend.. and OMG baker twine!! i love love love!! :) did i mention she baked her own wedding favours? so love.

photobooth & fabric buttons for guests!! the picture on the right reminded me of a Martha Stewart picture i really love.

pictures by bryanjean photography! they're super fun to work with!! their personality worked really well into this one! and before we left, the bride left me with a lovely note, a yellow polka dotted button (my fav) and wrapped in brown paper and more baker twine (!), is this lovely vintage fabric shoe clip..

awww.... the best thank you gift ever. it was spot on! my love for shoes, vintage handmade goodness and fluffy flowery puffs. aww.. i wanna be your wedding planner, forever. *tear*

i could do this every single day!! no seriously. i could.


  1. omg.. where did she get her yellow shoes?! i am searching high and low for one!!

  2. haha! :) i didn't ask about those but i was drolling over her vivienne westwood and louboutins!! london im guessing!!
    i got mine in dune, also london! :) not being very helpful here, right.... sorry about that! :)

  3. I am so in love with Louboutin's red soles! They are just so incredibly sexy... but my feet ain't pretty enough for me to want to buy them :)

  4. thats a reallllly lovely wedding!!

  5. me too! :) a little pooped that so many shoe makers out there now have red soles too!! copy cat!!... :(

  6. hee hee i love it!! i think their friends really had a blast too! :)
    that should totally be the norm but i can't say the same about 90 % of the weddings in singapore!!

  7. oh I thought you ran your own wedding planning business! :D That certainly looked like a fun wedding! Can't wait to see yours,magic wands and all!!!

  8. no, sweets! :) i work for my boss! :) im not good enough yet to own my own planning business!! just learning the ropes! :)

  9. awwww ... thanks for the super sweet post! glad you had fun working on this, and that everyone seemed to have a good time at the wedding itself.
    in response to the question about yellow shoes - they are jcrew's juliet shoes in buttercup patent, i got them off eBay at a huge discount. shoe clips are from bpoetic on etsy. i had to search for the perfect yellow heels for a long time as well, and found eBay to be the best source ultimately - all 4 pairs of shoes that I wore including the loubs and westwoods were purchased brand new off eBay at significant discounts. hope that helps!

  10. yikes! am embarrased! hope you don't mind me writing!! :)
    and thanks for the shoe information! i'll email my pal to let her know!!
    hope all is well and you had a fab time in bali!
    love, zhing xx

  11. don't mind at all, and i'm the only one who should be embarrassed ... not by your post, but by the fact that i can't stop reading wedding-related blogs even after the wedding! my flight reading on the way home yesterday was style weddings - also purchased after the wedding :P nice coverage of your solemnisation! k.

  12. hilarious! :) its alright. i think i'll be reading wedding blogs and books for the rest of my life! :)
    hope you had a safe flight home! and keep in touch!


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