Tuesday, April 20, 2010

candles aplenty, pretty please!!

i absolutely love the simplicity of these centerpieces!! provides a beautiful glow for pictures and so neat and chic.

in a separate train of thought, we just styled the darlingest wedding! it was simple and not over the top but i love it! the navy blue and white classroom theme was inspired by the super intellectual and quirky groom! we onced shared with them a bio-chemistry themed wedding a while back and we casually mentioned "how fun would be if we could use coloured fumes to create table numbers?!" i mean, it was just a wild and random thought. but this groom immediately told us "first, you mix XXX with XXX, with a template, blah blah, in X minutes.. amazing!!" i was floored.

but for them, we transformed their dining hall into a neat little gathering. think hogwarts dining hall but preppy and bright! we stacked vintage books and a touch of flowers as centerpieces and completed the look with school-hall style easels on stage. the guests were thrilled. and that my friends, is my little tribute to my endless hours in science remedial classes tackling complex formulaes and insanely difficult chemistry equations. also, im so glad physics (more specifically my old textbooks) finally made a difference to someone life!! :)


  1. I am gonna make sure my children do not have the boring round tables of 10 when they hold their wedding banquets in future!
    How lovely it is to have long oblong tables! And how I wish I can get married all over again...(dun worry hun, I'd still choose you!)
    Love your blog...

  2. i love love long tables! :) its better for conversations!! and nicer for centerpieces! :) hope your children are SOLD on long tables!!


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