Sunday, April 25, 2010

australia 2010: the wedding part one!!

we're facing a little house hunting angst which is making me a little blue. i think i'll keep my rant under wraps and locked up for friends only, lest i offend anyone with my self-righteous "we work too bloody hard to not be able to afford a decent house". BUT before i start throwing a hissy fit, leg stomping and all, lets talk about happier things like weddings!! and flowers and chapels. and all that good stuff...

david & molly's chapel. it was the cutest chapel. reminds me a little of church of scared heart on tank road in singapore. very intimate with ornate pews and dramatic colours! we were here the day before to set up the flowers. and before you start pointing like a wedding nazi that  the pomanders on the pew are of assorted colour... here's a little nugget of information that makes the WHOLE things even more charming.

see the gorgeously luscious altar flowers at the front of the church, they were self assembled, made from someone's flowers in their backyard. AMAAAAZING, innit? the entire thing was a wedding gift from a family friend. every bit of the wedding-critic in me melted away when i learnt of that. i meant, i'd pick that over our perfectly assembled million dollar wedding any day. and the multi-coloured pomanders? blood and tears from the night before! us wedding elves went through 1000 roses, hand picked by molly from someone's garden just two days ago. it was so sweet and personal! didn't matter that it was mixed colours. seriously though, isn't that the bomb?

HAD to show off this cute one. this one is made by my own husband. while the boys were all "say what? make flowers? thats so gay!!" when alli, molly's mum and wedding planner, said rose pomanders, daniel gave a better definition than wikipedia could have, rolled up his sleeves and started helping, without a peep!!! so so proud. *tear* this would have totally made my boss proud!

WOW, this is totally helping! im almost not thinking of the exorbitent property prices in singapore already! :) cool!

groom (and bestman) awaiting...

beautiful molly & her very proud daddy!! :) 

and then i got teary-eyed and took really bad pictures.. but next thing we knew...

they were married!!! yayyyyy! :) congratssss, guys!!!

presenting mr & mrs david & molly!!! *weeeee*

what a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours... take it away, jamie cullum!


  1. Sweet..
    All the wedding prep is making me a little blue too.. K's guest list isn't even set! Sigh...
    Whatever will be will be girl :)
    p.s. hope you had some lucky with Wendy...

  2. I love the flowers! And any man volunteers to arrange flowers is definitely a keeper, hun!! =)
    Btw I've added you and will send you the link for the pic of that Carla Zampatti. =)

  3. Haha awesome but I think you mean sacred rather than scared heart chapel eh? ;P

  4. OOOPS!!! i meant sacred.. typo! very grave mistake!
    i'll go edit now!

  5. thank you HEAPS! :)
    im very proud of daniel's hidden talent and if his full-time career fails, i know he can be my assistant at the very least!!

  6. ahhh! guestlist thats one of the LAST few things to worry about. you know that the end is near! :)
    truck along babe!! you'll gonna miss it when it ends! i promise! *winks*


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