Thursday, April 22, 2010

australia 2010: robe

we recently took a super short getaway down under for (yet another) wedding. when our friends first told us they were getting married in "a little chapel over looking the sea in ROBE", we were all "SAY WHAT?" firstly, they weren't engaged yet then. and secondly, urm i heard "rome" so i was SUPER excited!! my very european wedding in roma. so fancy!!

but it was not meant to be!! turns out robe was awesome too! its a little town and fishing port in on the southeast limestone coast of south australia, about 6 hour beautiful drive from melbourne. the whole journey was grassland and smooth. crisscrossing with several little creeks, trainlines, nature parks and belting our road-trip kara-ok playlist made 6 hours zip by too fast!! when we arrive in robe, we were swept off our foot! it was a quaint and quiet town with so much charm and so faraway from work and crazy city hustle and bustle, slice of heaven on earth.

we were booked into an old beachfront cottage with direct access to a little slice of the beach. it was too freezing to swim but we enjoyed our many long walks on the beach. and thing is, everywhere in the little town can be reach by foot. the couple's little love-hut, 1 min away. church, 2 mins away. bride's home & reception tentage, 2 mins away. anazing bakery, 1 min away!!! all the essential things you need in life!! :) we tucked our car away in a little corner of the hotel and went everywhere by foot!! suits and heels alike! the weather was just too amazing to stay indoors.

more wedding stories later!


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