Saturday, April 24, 2010

and its the weekend!! weeee....


i reckon im the only person celebrating over the icelandic volcano ashes that put a halt to air travel over europe. (sorry about the people who missed important medical treatments and spent nights camping in transit lounges..) but you'd be as ecstatic if that meant you got ONE whole week more of your brother!! :) there were so many false alarms and teary farewells to the a/p in the part week that now that he finally secured tickets back to london, i think im ok with it.

we're starting our weekend of farewell parties with a trip to changi village!! yummy hawker food galore!! PLUS we're hoping to spot a few early working ladies/men. daniel has never been there so that would be an interesting bonus for him (and more for us!!)!!

have a sweet one, peeps!

zhing xx


  1. CV? heh thats vvvvv near my office!

  2. really?? you work in changi!? i hope you stay near here too! cos its sooooo far away from town!!!

  3. yeapsss, im not at the airport but near enough. :)

  4. awesome! :) at least you get access to great hawker food all the time! the chicken chop horfun was great!!! hmmm...

  5. nah we dun really go out; we have our own staff canteen for cheap food!


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