Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wedding stuff: its just colours, baby!

daniel has ONE best friend. his name is khuu. and they're polar opposites. daniel is a neat freak with mild OCD and khuu goes with the flow. daniel is a creature of habits and an obsessive planner but khuu is a little free spirited. its always very sweet to hear their crazy stories of high school and back when they lived together! but of course that's not my tale to tell. one of the nicest things is both of them are getting hitched this year and have asked each other to be bestman.

naturally, like most weddings, the job of wedding planner falls into the lap of the lady. leaving the boys a little clueless. so they arranged for a man-date over drinks to talk wedding. khuu came armed with with a million of very specific questions from his sweet molly, but i thought.. can't be that hard, right? wear a black tux and come get eat and dance.. urm. ya. thats it. how hard is it to tell your bestman what the wedding colours are? i mean seriously! its just colours right?? ,

but i realized i thought wrong when i received hysterical phone call from the two almost-married men giggling like high school girls "babeeee.. i just told khuu our colours were "black, white with a touch of FLESH! is that right? sounds a little seedy".

yes sir, it sure sounds seedy!! i think the word you were going for is..

 black & white with a touch of...

BLUSH. or in layman terms - PINK!!

somehow, i felt like khuu did a better job when daniel came home armed with lodaging, ceremony information, a snippet of wedding inspiration (miss dior cherie ad), pictures of khuu's suit (brown), a sample invitation card, picture of the tie they bought him (cream striped), and wait for it... a fabric swatch of the bridesmaids' dresses. khuu- 1, daniel -0.


  1. wow!!! haha.. i doubt K even knows what a fabric swatch looks like! haha... love your touch of 'flesh' mood board...

  2. touch of "flesh" just sounds really sleazy!! :) urm.. i don't think daniel did much to deserve his fabric swatch! he just brought it home in a ziplock bag and i have to match his bestman suit to that colour! -_-

  3. men-- what do you do with them! (and without...)

  4. K is like SO well-prepared!! his fiancee trained him well i must say! kekekeke
    i think D's the laid-back 'uh whatever makes my missus happy' kind of dude

  5. Lol that's funny! I love your wedding colours (and how you are able to incorporate black into it)! Ours were pink (from coral to fushia) and gold (with black sneaking in by the backdoor route as I got all fonts printed in black)- parents will do a backflip and tripleflip if they see black IN their faces heheh. Cant wait to see your wedding preps / photos!

  6. haha.. im sure you're in the same boat!! :)

  7. usually daniel is quite on top of his game! *sigh* oh well! next time i'll send him armed with more information and spreadsheets! :)

  8. got away cos the singaporean wedding is RED and white. so for the australian one, we gotta do whatever we like! plus the venue is primarily black and white! all i did was sneak in a itsy bit of my favorite colour! :)
    yeah, i don't understand the obsession with not having black. i found a perfect black gown but mum insists that i should get it in royal blue instead. bah..

  9. hahah just kidding! there's no next time! he only has one bestman to brief anyway! :)


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