Thursday, March 18, 2010

wedding stuff: don't be caught in public with a naked upper lip!

this is totally not an original idea. but we really needed some fun injected into our stiff black and white colour scheme. cue in moustaches on a stick. if you're a fan of wedding blogs, like yours truly, every other wedding has them! that and photobooths!! done to death. 

but when put on a vote a few weeks ago with some of my bridesmaids, one put her life on this. a wedding is never complete without faux moustache, i quote!! so we're jumping on the moustache bandwagon! weehee..

don't you just love brides with a sense of humour?

vivienne westwood approves.

plush moustaches! from here.

cute screen printed teacup. from here.

so one afternoon, i download a moustache shape from the internet, traced it on word, print and cute along the lines with a pen-knife.

then trace the shapes on felt. you'll need (2) pieces of felt per stick, then use your hot glue gun and attach a wooden chopstick to the edge of it!! easy peasy...

and.... we have moustaches on a stick!!

p.s. sorry about the messy background and very incredulous-looking model. this is him typing up some super important document for work while multi-tasking for his wife. 
he really likes this idea. (i think..)


  1. haha.. i love the expression on his face! will make jerine take a photo with this for sure! :P

  2. Yoz! just wanna tell you that your lovely yellow dot wedding theme appears in a bridal magazine!!!!! I think it's Style Weddings (Mar - Aug 2010 edition)!!!! heee

  3. yeah! im slowing filling up out wedding with little DIY touches! :)

  4. next time im back in singers? i ran out of black felt! :)

  5. ohhhhh... i have not seen! thanks for the heads up! :)

  6. get her to save you a souvenier! :) we have madly fun favours (absolutely not practical..) waiting to pick it up in july so i can blog about it!! :)

  7. You guys are such fun-loving people :)

  8. haha! :) felt like we needed a quirky touch! black and white seemed a little bit too serious for us! :)

  9. Cuteness overload.. btw did u manage to get your candy from acandystore? It seems they don't ship internationally anymore!!! :(

  10. really?? thats a shame. im shipping my candy to usa. im picking it up/getting my friends to deliver them by hand!!
    how about try shipping to vpost?


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