Sunday, March 14, 2010

ooo my little lunch box!!

oooooo we're off on a mini-adventure tomorrow morning!! have been feeling a little like a country-bumpkin (or a town-bumpkin as the case may be) in cambodia for not having left our city much! there is a whole 99% of the country that we have not set foot on and ashamed are we! so here's the exciting deal! we have some family friends visiting for a volunteering reccee trip and offered to take us along tomorrow to a little town 1 hour away from phnom penh. we'll leave town at 6am, reach in time for church, break for lunchies and then help out with sunday school. (which i have to mention here cos it will definitely make mum sooo proud. both mums!) then the bus will roll us back to PP in the evening!!

and we were tasked to pack lunch for the team, just like a school trip! we're packing a picnic basket full of fresh baguette, kalamanta olive tapenade, ham and gerkins with cherry tomatoes. and some home-made choc-chip cookie as a snack!! maybe some fizzy lemonade!! weeheee!!!


  1. awesomeness! :) take lots of photos!! :)

  2. cute lunch bag! :) have fun in your adventure!!

  3. its a craft im working on for our wedding! :) packing in treats for kids!

  4. we did! hope daniel captured some awesome children shots! they were super duper cute!


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