Sunday, March 7, 2010

men are from mars, alright...

we're having a chilled-out weekend in! daniel has heaps of work to catch up on and i wanted to work on table numbers. cos ya, they're soooo important! they like totally tell the table number and all... but anyway so both of us have been busying away like worker bees. its silence in the house except for my ocasional giggle or gasp when i cut out of line or something. and daniel was getting visibly flustered.

d: baby, you're scaring the poop out of me with your (dramatically) "damn it!!" and "oh my gawddddd"..
z: why? it's really not a biggie.. thats just how i roll, dude.
d: but everytime i think you cut of your finger when you exclaim so loudly!!
z: uh-huh..
d: but instead, its cos you lost a bid on ebay for a bag of jellybeans!!
z: WOAH! what do you mean! i totally hate it when i lose bids on ebay.

*sigh* men! they just don't get it...


  1. i almost fell off my chair laughing when i read this...

  2. ya, the funny thing is, he wasn't quoting a random example. i actually really got sad for (1) night when i lost my bid on a BIG bag of red jellybeans. hahahaha.. -_-

  3. my maturity level leaves much to be desired!!:)

  4. haha... i so understand girl... i'm trying to get retro lemon lollies for the wedding to fit in the theme and i want nothing but lemon, but the wholesellers all only sell mixed flavours of lemon, orange, kiwi and watermelon... i only want lemon and nobody wants to sell me just the lemon ones :(

  5. try here! :) im ordering my above (lost on ebay) pomegranate form here!!! (

  6. omg! you are god sent! thanks babe!

  7. yayyy! glad to be of help! is flat rate shipping in USA too!! awesome!


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