Wednesday, March 10, 2010

let's talk breakfast

so im sitting here at 12:54pm eating my breakfast. *darts daggers from my friends back home who are probably done with lunch, (2) annual reports and (3) conference calls. guys, i truly envy you.* but back in kampuchea-land, absolutely nothing happening in the mornings so i wake up when the sun up and shining, check my emails and nibble on my breakfast until its time for tea!!

found this cuteness on one of my favorite blogs, a cup of jo. and had to share the fun!

photographed by oliver schwarzwald. give it a try! :) see if you can guess which country matches each breakfast!! :)


  1. yummm
    That was brilliant I loveddd it!! :) Although I'm a huge breakfast person I think I would stick to option 1 and 2- minus the that the european in me?? Nigerians eat a heavy meal for breakfast...rice and anything deep fried!

  2. Re: yummm
    RUSSIAN & AMERICAN! :) so you! :) hahaha...
    wow! rice and deep fried first thing in the morning. im an american girl. im all about my pancakes and cereal.


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