Tuesday, March 2, 2010

for all the snuggles and cuddles...

a couple weeks ago, we did a clean sweep of all the pink/coral/blush pashminas in the market. our favorite fabric lady cheekily asked us if we were stocking up for winter. yes, indeed!! we're planning to have a stack of pashmina for winter chills at our wedding!! throw them in a basket and a little tag on it. viola! done! im loving how the colours are coming together!!

in other pink news, we're attending daniel's best friend's wedding in less than a month. it will be in a small sea-side town called robe in a chapel overseeing the water. followed by a tea party on a lawn, under a white canopy and guests will play croquet on the lawn!! talk about dream wedding!!! im soo excited! they will look so beautiful, i can already tell!! 

this is molly's wedding inspiration, ad from miss dior cherie, and bridal party will be in cream dresses..

im cracking my brain what i should wear! im definitely thinking of getting a dress made here but what? and what colour!

i love seersucker fabrics. and daniel refuses to wear the excellent pink seersucker suit we found! when i saw it on the racks, it screamed "chuck bass!!" anyway, since my (seer)sucker dreams were unfulfilled, i thought maybe i could have it in my dress instead..


  1. oooh you are giving away the pink/coral/blush pashminas!!!!!!!! such a good choice!!
    but what about the guys??

  2. i love the idea for the shawls!

  3. that's like my favourite-st (if there is ever such a word) print advert ever! If I could I would have wanted a poster of that in my house! PS: I saw the making of this advert - model was actually standing on a white latch on top of a building in paris. Everything was photoshopped on and off. Still, it's so magical looking

  4. haha!! I'll keep an eye out for that as a poster for your house!! its such a great idea! :)
    it just captures the essence of paris and girlishness! :) i don't even know how the scent smells but i already love it! :)

  5. im sooo indulgent, jumping at every opportunity to jazz things up! :)

  6. hahah.. guys usually are in their suits/tux so they're already warm from a few layers of thick clothes. formal wear for girls, however, means showing a bit more skin so i feel for them..
    i guess the men can share or wrap the pashminas like scarfs around their neck like italian dudes!!

  7. yea you are right~~
    haha that cracks me up!

  8. At least u've got quite a lot of ideas! My wedding is in June and i'm still undecided on a color theme!!!

  9. hahaha.. im quite quick when i come to deciding and executing things!! otherwise i'd change my mind! plus pink is a no brainer for me!! im such a pink gal! :)
    no rush, you still have time!! most things for weddings can be done within one month, as long as you're decisive! :) jia you!


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