Saturday, March 20, 2010

cheap dates, check.

last night, our swing class got cancelled. with no notice whatsoever, we were dressed up all ready to dance but were left standing outside our dance studio in pitch darkness. so we decided to go for a beer in town!! and instead of heading to our typical hangouts, we decided to hit the strip of LSBs (lap sap bars - dirty bars). i mean you really can't say you've been to phnom penh until you've experienced the dodgey night-life, right? so we did!!

we picked the least dodgey looking one of the strip, shanghai bar and walked right through the front door. there were so so many girls clad in skin-tight black mini-skirts gathered at the front door ready to pounce. we discreetly asked for a booth so we could sit back and watch the "action" over a beer.

unfortunately for us, maybe it was its too early for serious *wink-wink* business to happen so nothing too inspiring! *bah*. we talked about the australian town that rained fish, the way certain work-things sucks and blows at the same time and the importance of having monogrammed labelled personalized water bottles. all this while unfazzled by whats happening right in front of us, which by the way is absolutely ridiculous. (and sad) how do you flirt or have a meaningful conversation with someone you just met, in a language you can't speak. (you dont, said daniel) any sound-minded grown up mistake the attention showered upon them as love (dunno, said daniel) and "mister would you please take off your wedding ring!! everyone is gonna thing im a who-er trying to seduce a married man!!" (that's it, young lady! enough of LSB, we're gotta here, said daniel)

and we were out in the street again, ready for our next adventure. then i remembered in my adventurous days, i've seen a an icecream shop snuck in the corner, just a few road down. so we swung around to check them out! turns out, it was a swensons and was even busier than the LSBs! :) we found a little corner seat, under the stained glass classic "swensons" lampshade and poured over the menu! it was pretty impressive with most flavours and similar variety! except half the price!!

CHECK IT OUT!!! a fondue for $4.90? what a bargain..

we split an ice-cream, had a good natter and spied on the rich little khmer kids running in and out of their huge tinted lexus-s. then hopped onto our bicycle and rode home in the dark. life's been really simple since we moved here. sometimes the weekdays blur together cos we don't do much. and even though i get really frustrated and bored occasionally, i reckon we'll really miss the peace and also the pace of life that we share here in phnom penh.


  1. what currency do they use there? USD?

  2. yeah USD for most things, khmer riel for change! :)

  3. then US$4.90 for a fondue is REALLY cheap!! sg is selling it for like $20ish?!

  4. yeah!! i can't really tell cos i stuck to pretty standard flavours but i really hope they don't compromise on the quality of the ice-cream! *yikes*
    so far, no tummy ache though!


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