Monday, February 22, 2010

wedding stuff: "will you be my bridesmaid?" card

with way too much time and craft materials up my sleeves, i wanted something cute and personal to ask my girlies to be my bridesmaids. seriously, the internet is awesome! you find so many neat ideas online! i love love wedding blogs and DIY tutorials! makes every girl a martha stewart just at the twiddle of their thumb! seriously! found this cute idea a few months ago and bookmarked it for uset! the envelope pocket idea is genius!!

but after looking high and low in the stationery stores in singapore, i did not find the right black envelope! and only bridezillas would understand the importance of getting the right envelope. *nods knowingly*. they were either too chintzy or flimsy. so when we were booked to go to japan for a short vacay, i made sure i stop by tokyu hands to check out their wedding envelope section. i nearly died there!!! of course i picked up a bunch of them right there and then! also found really two different types of craft ribbons from australia. one had little love hearts and the other had "be mine" printed all over them!! so love!! :)

the envelop pocket lined with vintage origami paper..

typed up a few PAGES of notes for my girlies detailing some basic information on the reception, rehearsals and dress-code. nothing tooo overwhelming. its just three whole pages of little words right? haha.. and just to seal the deal, hand wrote a little note of why i love them individually. then daniel edited the whole thing to add in appropriate punctuation (im terrible..) and to shorten it to fit on half an A4, reformatted it and ran it through our home printer!! then i used a paper cutter & my favorite corner puncher to round the edges!! easy peasy..

the inserts and chunkhunka information!

tied the ribbons with a cutie love note on the cover..

seal with a kiss!! in pink envelope all labelled ready to go!

p.s. i tried but im bad at hiding address and names so if anyone wants to send love notes to my friend, dick wear size 38 shoes, shan loves red lipstick and deaf likes fierce jewellery. just kidding. just don't send anything to them. please.

and so far i've gotten really sweet responses from the girles but here are some brilliant ones that made this whole bridesmaid craftiness not seem ridiculously over the top! "OMGGGG!!!! your invite is scented!! and pink and i love ittttt!!!!" from one, a equally awesome "RSVP" card from another bridesmaid in the same format where she wrote what she would NOT do at my wedding hahah!! and a very keen and resounding yes from another girlie even before she opened her card.. some tears and many squeals.. it was completely worth it!! :)


  1. Wow, these are awesome! You're such a thoughtful bride-to-be for your bridesmaids!

  2. so sweet!!!!
    it makes me seem like so "boh sim" leh!!!
    i just did a "by the way, can you be my bridesmaid..." and oh my goodness you are bridezilla to the max!!! how many pages came in ONE envelope?!!!

  3. oh wow! the details!!!! love it!!! :)
    haha. when it was me, i just took them out for coffee and asked.. :P kee kee.

  4. hahaha! :) i do this for a living, remember?
    anyway, its ONLY 4 pages!! :)

  5. i would have much rather take them out for coffee if i had the chance!! :)

  6. hahaha i had so much fun making them!! i think it was for me more than them...

  7. aiyoh you're way too cute! very very thoughtful bridezilla that you are!!

  8. bridezilla is right! iim really really very bored in cambodia wait till i write about all the other crazy crafts i've been busy with.. its a little overwhelming to blog all at once. :) haha!


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