Thursday, February 18, 2010

wedding stuff: feathery love

there is just something romantic and dreamy about feathers.

i complain HEAPS about having a winter wedding, no garden canopy, no dancing barefoot, no ridiculously pretty peonies blahblah but one thing i can indulge in is super luxurious fluffy feather capelets!! mmmmm... im totally aware that its toeing the line a little and could possibly be a little over the top but i love the stage, the ballet and the full works, sequins, layer and layers of tulle so sue me! sue me! what can you do me!**

always a classic matched with a vintage slinky gown. see? it can be a hand me down, right? a dusty mess of feathers? im sure i can find someone that will love it as much!!

glamourous grey mink on the runway (jenny packham i think..)! i love the look but i draw the line at mink. feathers not too bad right?

you don't pluck ostrichs to get feathers right? they like just fall to the floor or you buy it from spotlight or something right?

safety in numbers... i love the ribboned clutches, afro hair, flowy dresses and crazy as hell shades. but im sure the girls will abandon me at the altar if i made them wear this.

and one last one by monique lhuillier.. so heartbreakingly pretty right??

unfortunately, its ridiculously expensive in singapore so my lovely lovely brother is carting it home for me from UK this march! wadaya think? white? a light blush (pink)? dusty grey? or ivory? or more like "wake up, zhing.hell to the no!!"

** lyrics from my fav song in "guys and dolls".


  1. dusty grey will be perfect w diamonds. hee..
    light pink will be too sweet..

  2. Have you seen this? I think it looks great too!
    Have fun with the capelet choosing!

  3. I would love it in pure white but if your gown is more off-white / ivory, perhaps grey or blush would be more suitable.

  4. thanks babe!! :) will grey look too.. dusty?

  5. okie! i was a little apprehensive about pink to start!! despite being my favorite colour, it would be unfortunate if i look like im attending my sweet sixteen party! -_-

  6. holy smokes!! thats wayyyy cool! :)

  7. how about dusty pink? not too saccharine sweet, with a touch of vintage. :)


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