Friday, February 5, 2010

wedding stuff: father and daughter dance

dance has always been a big part of my life!

i love dancing, performing and i love music!! i used to dance in my living room with my dad, just like this!!

on the very first night i met daniel, we were in the backseat of a friend's car heading home. i can't even remember how this conversation started but i said "no clue who or when im marrying but dad and i already know which song we're gonna dance to". seriously though, it was not a hint nor did i think i was gonna marry this guy i just met at the club!!! but instead of flinging the car door open for a dramatic escape, daniel's response was "what song is it?" bless his heart!! :)

so naturally, we're going to have a daddy and daughter dance at our wedding. so quick as a lightning, mum booked us in for private classes with her ballroom teachers starting next week!! i can't wait to see felicia & vincent!! we're going to do a classic waltz, something beautiful and graceful to a pretty music. and as things goes, we ended up with more than option! but here are out top picks:

1) what a wonderful world by louis armstrong - all-time favorite

2) rainbow connection by sarah maclachlan - my dad's favorite! he even has it in his phone!! :)

3) daddy's little girl by al martino - simple waltzing tune with lovely lyrics.

are you doing a dad & daughter dance too? which song do you like?


  1. Awww the story of what Daniel said is sooo cute :)

  2. just says how "commitment-friendly" he is!!

  3. 1. nice
    2. my fav too.. i especially like the kermit the frog version!
    3. i think this would be my pick for a daddy and daughter dance. you'll get tears welled up in the eyes of everyone with this one :)

  4. was i the driver?? i vaguely remember the statement..
    i would choose number 2. hahah purely cos i like the song too..
    just saw my frens at dance class. makes me want to pick up dance all over again..

  5. you were in the passenger seat!! :) thanks for the vote!
    yeah you definitely should! if we stayed in singapore, we would do it everyweek!!!

  6. i agree with you on (3) but i don't want to get teary myself and step on my own dress!!!

  7. hahaha!! :) im so glad my dad is game to do it!

  8. i'm sooo far from getting married, but i thought the "my girl" song would be appropriate too!

  9. i love option 2!!! it's my fav song too (altho i dun have it playing on my phone) but the evening musicians at the ex-workplace always played that song. but i dunoe how well it could fit into a waltzy-waltz though =)

  10. thanks babee!!! :) awwww... that song played life would be pretty too...


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