Monday, February 8, 2010

wedding stuff: black is the new black.

like most girls, im a huge and firm believer in the wonder of a LBD. if i had a say in things, i'd definitely wear a black wedding dress!! or at least a dramatic evening gown. for one i can recycle it next time for other formal events and i know that i'll look my slimmest! but my grandma, whom i endearingly inherited my dramatic and evil mouth from, told me point blank that im not allow to wear black because i can wear it all the time when my husband dies. *gasp* but i guess she meant business. well, the fashionista of a grandma also announce that red, gold and green is out of the question thanks to my tanned complexion that i inherited from her side of the family. so i best stick to pale blue.. *hmmm* seriously, nai nai? pale blue?

anyway, i digress.

i have bridesmaids from all over the place so i figured if i specified a particular ellusive shade of pink, they'd probably all decline to be at my wedding. especially since i already demand that my friends wear pink for my birthdays... truth. one colour that you could never go wrong, i figured, is black. black's black right? no shades in between, looks great for all shapes, sizes and colour! so in my bridesmaid card (will get to them soon) i specified any cut, any length or style of black dress! so our bevy of girls will come in different black gowns each to complement their style! i can't wait to see everyone together! *squeal*

i love the dress bottom left. maybe i'll make it for dancing!!

pretty enough to be a bride...

if we're sensible, we'll probably not have this shot cos its friggin cold in winter. and plus, short skirt in winter.. brrrr. but watch out! im sure somehow we'll have this shot pop up somewhere!!

and because they're awesome like that, they've already started emailing me pictures and sent me shoes for approval! so love! :) :) :)


  1. black dresses are nice!!
    aye babe, since you ARE tanned, you SHOULD wear red!!!!!!! or royal purple!!! ;)

  2. seriously?? my grandma says tanned people look like indians when they wear red. (not meant to be interpreted in a racist way)*shrug*
    *sigh* i was really counting on black man.. urm now. pale blue??
    i had a bride wear maroon and she was my skin tone. maybe that would work for me.

  3. yeaps, my cousin whom is super tanned, wore a bright red gown for her wedding and she absolutely look stunning! :):)
    no lah, you know older folks dont like black wan. i think pale blue is iffy~~ you should try all the colours the studio has to know what suits you hunz.
    maroon?!?!?! OMG NO! you'll look damn old lah!!

  4. ya i think you're right. probably should try the colours!! funny how on a normal day i'd not venture too far away from black and whites!!

  5. yuppers! its good for future when you are buying clothes! ;)
    like for example, i look best in fuschia/red/bright blue/royal purple (cos im too darn pale i need colours to liven me up) so usually i'll get those colours when i buy new clothes :)
    black and white is classic, but you can be lively for wedding!

  6. DAMN! you're so lucky! i love those colours!!! but only in theory! :)

  7. they add colours to my skin tone =)
    i think you can pull those colours off too!!

  8. Is the black dress still happening? So bold in Asian culture, but so cool. I LOVE IT!

  9. definitely! :) fortunately, our wedding is not in singapore!!


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