Monday, March 1, 2010

urm... obviously not as big shot as we thought...

sunday is dance day! first off, we attend neeraj maskara workshop at our old dance school! and realized that after a year of NOT dancing, it was hardwork!! but we could still shimmy a little and pull through the workshop ok! *phew* need to start taking classes again, my turns are so rusty!! but in all, it was so much fun. then, we attended private classes with our ballroom teacher for our wedding dance. just daniel and i.

we're dancing to "por una cabeza", a tango piece that daniel is completely obsessed with.

so one hour and $90 later, we learnt the routine from 0:23 to 0: 34! yeah! all 14 secs of it all! :)

maybe ONE DAY we'll pull through the entire routine and still look smokin' hot like tia carrera and maksim! maybe...


  1. I love Por Una Cabeza!! Have you seen Scent of A Woman? You guys will look ab fab, I'm sure of it. :)

  2. yes indeed!!! its from the show! :) that was where daniel first saw it and deided (at heaven knows what age) he wanted to dance to it! :)


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