Thursday, February 18, 2010

tired in the city.

is it just me or does singapore wear you out too?

i've been back for 2 weeks and my eyebags have significantly increased. like for real. doesn't help that both my phones are ringing off their hook. and despite being a sleepybug, im up sorting out some material for a client im meeting later this morning. absolutely nothing kills the joy of creating a brand new moodboard more than lack of sleep. plus im abandoning my dad to do our father-daughter dance practice #2 sans the daughter. guilty guilty..

the poor mister is also juggling a crazy travel schedule and has popped into the office before 6am this morning, the third morning in a row. and last night, we started fading during our commute home so it has also been a while since we had a chance to properly catch up. we've resorted to dropping each other random emails in lieu of proper phone conversations. it has been 8 months we lived here but seriously? has life always been so crazy in singapore?im not sure im used to it anymore.

golly. life's tough.

get me some of this pretty toast!! naooow!!!


  1. hang in there... it is the weather unfortunately that's burning everyone out. literally :( thats a lovely toast thingamagig btw!

  2. hahaha!!! yes its the weather, and wearing heels and trying to act all grown up and glamourous in the sweltering heat!!! *grr*

  3. oh my.. i love the print on the toast!

  4. yeah!! :0 it would totally make my morning if i had a toaster like this!! :)

  5. I personally think Singapore does wear you out! It's been awhile since I was back but I never felt this busy when I was in Melbourne. It's crazy and hectic, with loads to do and phones ringing off the hook. I really wonder how many people put up with it.

  6. Hi!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheer up dear....Just think of all the Happy events coming up!
    Can't wait to see you~ love love~!!

  7. Re: Hi!!!!!!!!!!
    hihi babee!! just seeing your msg makes me super happy already!! :) yes!! chins up! its the weekend soon!!

  8. it is right!! i thought im just the wussy one! it drains me out!!
    are you gonna settle down in singers for good?

  9.'re definitely not wussy. It's pretty normal I reckon.
    I'm not sure if I'm going to settle down here for good, but at the moment, it seems like a high possibility. It really depends on the boy as well :)


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