Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lucky us! :)

one of the biggest frustrations of CNY is the never ending probing of kay-poh relatives.. that and but this year, we were spared from the grilling! yayy! :) i reckon this quiet is just a prelude to the incessant questions that will come following the wedding. on a sadder note, we're enjoying our last red packets! boohoo..

but we had a fabulous time with our cousins and their children!! it was craziness. we had to deal with shrieking children in all direction screaming at the top of their lungs. holy smokes. it was payback for the many years me and my troops ripped through the halls bringing the house down. its karma, i tell you!!

anyhow, wishing everything a fantabulous new year! and for those who buy toto or own businesses, huat ah! :) 


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