Monday, February 15, 2010

its valentines day again...

this year's valentines day fell on the same day as chinese new year! which in itself deserves a different post altogether! so in the morning, i woke up to a very excited daniel yelling "happy chinese new year and valentines day! mum says pineapple brings good fortune!!" as he shove a full baby pineapple on a stick in my face. not so romantic but SUPER cute. urm and it pricks big time as i eventually found out!! but it was all salvages but another bunch of pink fluffy peonies.. my favorite flowers in the entire world!! :) they're super pretty and happy looking in my a/c room and makes me smile all the time!

we spent out day hopping from one house to another stuffing our face silly with lo pak goh and chinese new year yummies. my relatives have crazy cooking talents. im a little bitter that i did not inherit that from them. anyway, after a whole day of running after our baby cousins, we were left with no energy to embark on a all-romantic night out. so we settled for something lame (that we do all the time) a short stroll to the central, soft serve cone and bags of fries with extra salt!!

is this what married life is gonna be like!?!! gosh! unmarried folks out there!! hang tight to your morton's date nights, martinis in chi-chi clubs and expensive valentines weekend whiskaways!! :)

meanwhile, some talented ladies put together this beautiful photoshoot! this is our colour palette (so you'll be seeing heaps of pink coming up) and im loving the cute little details and silhouette stationery. ooo and how i love anemones!

Event Design and Coordination – So Happi Together; Photography – Connie M Chung; Floral Design – Floral Elements;


  1. i think as years go by, valentine's day will be muted down~~

  2. i think so too!!! but couldn't help feeling a little lame when we were all tucked in bed before midnight! :)

  3. haha aawwwwww daniel should read this!!
    we spent our valentine's day at the relatives' places~~~ >_>

  4. its ok! :) its our shared sentiments! :)
    yeah same here! we were visiting the entire day!

  5. and get bombarded with "so when are the 2 of you getting married HUH?!?!?!?!?!" O_o

  6. hahahaha.. we were spared for one year.. next year different questions! :)

  7. hahahaha yeaaaaaa, the questions doesnt stop do they?!?!?!?!


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