Monday, February 22, 2010

back to the sticks..

after a month in singapore and a few wasted flights back, we're finally both booked in to depart next monday. this time its for real because if we don't pay our rent, our belongings would be tossed out onto the street, i kid you not!! but it has been a crazily short and busy month! with heaps of people to catch up with (and plenty more whom we missed out on..). oh why is it that time is always so short!! we've both been super busy with work with exciting projects coming up!! so all's good in the hood!

at the same time, i miss the frequent and cheap massages and my pocket of craft time. i also miss the hours of market shopping, luxurious manicures and the long long evenings after work where we could sit and chat over beers.. its not really painting a fair picture of life in phnom penh but in our little romanticized world that's all there is. plus we're planning to relocated by the end of the year so it means my shoe-making days are coming to an end!!

before i rush out of the house, just one last little pikkie of my friend, angie and me in comme a la maison, phnom penh! possibly the happiest place on earth! we were all tingly after our manicures and yummy salads! funny thing is, angie looks like a supermodel (she is 2 feet taller than me) and has the coolest personality to match! when we were growing up, we were polar opposites. i'd be bouncing around screaming in my powerpuff girls teeshirts and sanrio pencil box (yes, i was already a young adult then..). while she would make heads turn as she float across the LT with her neat black projectshopbloodbrothers bag. ten years later, we're getting married on the same weekend (!) and the girls are so amused that i've instructed them to wear "please wear black only." and angie requested for some romantic hue of coral!!! hehehe...

i wuv you angie!! :)

happy week ahead, folks!!


  1. It's cute how you grew from cute little pencil cases to "black only". It's so exciting that your wedding date is the same as your friend's! :)

  2. everything sounds exciting .. have a good trip home n see ya soon!

  3. haha.. maybe i still have some cute pencil cases! haha! :)
    we're on the same weekend. its a little sad cos it means i can't attend hers!! but she's a sweetie and is considering making my wedding her honeymoon!! *sigh* so so lucky to have friends like her!

  4. thanks babe!! :) give baby zac HEAPS of kises from auntie zhiying! :)

  5. angie is getting married too!!! do u have her email address? i'll send her mail!

  6. lets meet up the next time you are back please!!

  7. wonder who'll yak more! haha. i think me!! hahahaha


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