Wednesday, January 27, 2010

melbourne 09: road tripperooos part une!!

i absolutely love road trips! pack everything important in a car and drive far away. there is something magical about roadtrips! its exciting, it travels and yet its free and easy! stop for some fries, ok! detour cos you saw a vintage store with the BEST china? done! but fortunately, im too low in the hierarchy to have to drive (and too sleepy to navigate) so i usually pack a fluffy pillow and doze off minutes after we pull out from the driveway.. im good like that.

to work off the food we indulged in over chrissy, dad signed son up for a seaswim at port lonsdale. at the best of times, daniel is not a particularly keen swimmer. but dad's a superswimmer. he swims everyday and coaches the local swim team. daniel didn't really inherit his swimming fins. he blames it on the cold australian water. i did not believe him (cos it was supper sunny in the morning!!), packed my bathers and told him i'll go for a swim too!! YAAA RIGHT.. i was freezing my ass off in my windbreaker. needless to say, no one got to see my new one-kini! *oh wellll*

off dad went into the sea of grandmasters.. (ie the oldies..)

from the minute they sounded the whistle, we RAN across the bay. like really ran. it was a point A - B swim so we were meant to wait on dad to give him his towel and warm hugs when he was done.. but when we arrived, we didn't see him.. UNTIL we heard his name announced as first runner up...

told ya he's a super swimmer!!

then we had 20 mins to get everyone back to Point A for precious's swim start!! so we RAN again. oh man. i swear me and mum were getting as much exercise as the boys. plus we had to cart their gear!!

tips on how to be a winning fish. no pressure, daniel!

woah bugie-smugglers alert!! it was freakin' cold!!!

daniel catching up with his competiton...

we all made it back into the car after our little adventure, admired at some awesome beach homes and picnic-ed by the bay before headed back to melbourne!! :) weeeheee!! go team *pompoms*


  1. hahaha.. actually he completed safe and sound but not in a good placing! dad did much much betta!

  2. *Applause to Daniel*
    I've had my attempts in swimming in the sea. Not only is the water always freezing, the currents are soo strong!

  3. aye babe, wrong thinking!
    it doesnt matter how long he took to finish or the placing. most importantly, he finished it! =)

  4. wow! you're a way better cheerleader than i am!!

  5. i can't imagine dipping my toe into the water!! its a shame cos australia has such pretty beaches!!!

  6. Yeah, Melbourne is kinda hard but Sydney beaches are great for enjoying the water during summer :)


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