Sunday, January 24, 2010

melbourne 09: christmas round-up

oooo don't you love christmas morning?

the excitement begins from the minute you wake up, you run to check on the christmas stockings and excitedly rip open beautiful pressies from under the tree!! to shorten this WHOLE process, we cut to the chase and camped out under the christmas tree the night before!! weee!!! :)

our stocking in action!! filled to the brim with presents. father christmas had more than they could hold so there were spillover gifts all over the floor in front of the fireplace!! so messy, that man! :)

oh! it worth mentioning our tri-yearly visit to the church the night before christmas *shamed face*! we went with mum to daniel's church (back from when he was a little boy and ah ma made him go) and woah they were haps! for one, their priest was called "father diamond" *sniggers*, there was an electric guitar band and at some point there was a ghetto skinny father christmas walking down the aisle to "jingle bells*! crazy eh! but all good, we respectfully said our prayers and thanked god for taking such good care of us even though we're bad christians/catholics..

we will work on that more. soon. i mean. seriously. soon.

back to my very very generous stocking stuffers! i know its a tad tacky to list down your gifts but i wanna remember!!!

so! i got a spanish tapas dinner, olive tapenades, face masks, jurlique lavender products, japanese blossom cooking chopsticks, head torch from kathmandu, polka dotted pink socks, jill bliss post its!!! and kick-ass USB key cos i just lost my cutie one.. all right up my alley! except for the hoyt directors' suite to watch avatar... hmm maybe i picked up daniel's stocking stuffer by accident. *shrugs*

mum working on our lap-cheong-looking gift for her which turns out to be...

a blue handmade quilt for her bed!! doesn't he looks like an exact photocopy of his mum?

i know it doesn't look like it but dad really loves his new shirts!

then we baked, roasted and decorated like little christmas elves in preparation for our guests!! (all family anyway.. so it was super casual)

uncle ian, auntie bong & ma

feliz navidad! :) me and my seconds!!! urm. i think im getting wrinkles in my eye area!!!

daniel and his bff, the mistletoe.. he went around shamelessly collecting kisses from all the aunties and ladies and was reluctant to take it off after the party was over! *roll eyes*

we pulled out old bits and pieces of holiday decor to make the sun room festive!!

im usually not a huge fan of lilies but check out the oriental lilies D picked for me from the florist. they were crazily vibrant and sweet smelling!! ahh the beauty of summer!! every corner house we drove past had a BUSH of blooming hydrangeas, purple alliums or lavenders. it made me feel like sneaking in the middle of the night to get me some of those!!  *sigh*

i must have thought out loud because mum snipped a few of grandma's beautiful roses and put a smallish arrangement out by my work desk!

 some people are just born spoilt! :)



  1. aye babe, i think youve got GREAT complexion man!!

  2. thanks hon! thanks daniel's excellent photoshop skills! :)

  3. aiya, the model must be of good calibre too what!

  4. hey babe, what lens do you guys use?

  5. morning hon! :) i think we used the 50mm for this set of pictures! :) are you into photography too?

  6. i have to say... i like the mistletoe!
    but it works only if you're tall. If not, it is hard to get others under the mistletoe..

  7. Pictures are fab! :) Yeah I'm into it as well but I'm getting awfully lazy nowadays!

  8. haha!!! thats true!! :) but you can still tiptoe!! :)
    i made it using straws cos phnom penh has no craft pipecleaners!! pathetic!!

  9. thanks hon! :) we try very hard as well!!


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