Thursday, January 28, 2010


dear bubble tea at QV,
$4 AUD?? seriously? and you're charging me another 50cents for bubbles???

dear miserable wintry weather on our wedding day,
please please take an off day. i would absolutely DIE if i could get married in the garden.

dear chocolate churros,
how can anything that unhealthy taste that good??

dear carla zampatti,
sorry i wasn't the chilled-out bride to buy her dress off the rack during boxing day sale. i was really really close though.

dear tasty rooster,
i've never tasted better chicken and chip. mmmm the chips... i wish kenny roger would steal your recipe.
dear melbourne,
thank you. you've been kinder this time round. i like you more.


  1. Awwwwwwwww, what a pretty photo!

  2. You'll start to love it very soon :)

  3. thanks hon! :) we got that taken in one of the parks!!!

  4. i really hope so!! but at least now im not dreading the move as much!!

  5. So when are you permanently moving to Melb??

  6. *shrug* when the time is right.. im still too wussy to think about it too much.

  7. Haha...Yeah I suppose do it when you are ready. Cos it can be pretty tough and daunting to move. But you moved to Cambodia tho. :)

  8. i fly home almost every weekend for work! and i still draw a singaporean salary.. so its a super easy move! :)
    when im in australia, i can't fly home in a few hours.. just conceptually it seems really hard!

  9. Oh...that's awesome since you can fly home almost every weekend. Yeah, Australia is hard and it's not exactly very cheap!


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