Saturday, January 30, 2010

bangkok 09 - a "girly" trip

bangkok is one of my favorite vacation spots from college! i still remember how excited i would be to visit bangkok over and over again! the $10 tees, $1 pad thai, the endless supply of GOOD tomyum.. i would wax lyrical alll day long! and i'd never get tired of shopping at chatuchuk! but it has been a while since i've revisited my old shopping haunt! so when the girls decided we NEEDED to get out of town together over new years, we unanimously voted for bangkok! :) its after all only our second group vacation there! :)

and only after we decided on when we'd go, the boys decided they were gonna go on a "boy" trip too! to the EXACT same spot. what copycats.. it kinda worked out ok because while we did our girly things, the dudes all went to the apple store and for long thai massages. hours of uninterrupted manicures and shopping! bliss!!!..anyway, bangkok is bangkok! so ain't that many pictures of the city! but here's the crew!

the newly engaged!! :)

carol & shaun!! seriously these kids are the coolest teachers!!

deaf & jay! :)

counting down in brown sugar.. in thai!!! we had no clue what number we were at!! but we were throwing hugs and squealing a lot.. and urm. i think its EXTREMELY unfair that carol does nothing and she glows! she is like a million shade fairer than i am!!

NYE street partying!! we used to do that, all four of us smooshed in the crowds in marina square in really un-crowd-friendly clothes and shoes. im glad some things don't change!! :)

but somethings DO! i nearly threw in the towel 3 hours into our chatuchuk shopping trip!!. it was warm, i kept getting lost and i was just not feeling the clothes! i mean, coming from the gal that can spend the entire weekend combing through stall by stall, row by row, section by section, that was disappointing. but in the end we took a coffee break, found the pets, decor section and quirky design thingmajigs and managed to pull through till 6pm. after an afternoon of hot sweaty shopping, we treated ourselves to this beautiful urban spa, recommended by deaf...

jay had an awesome time... seriously.

and these guys were a little dopey after a two hour rubdown, followed by a beautiful hot shower!! each of their private rooms had a beautiful iron claw tub!! love love loved it..

oo and food was great!! we ate in chinatown by the street AND had a hugeass bowl of birdsnest!! yummms! :)

anyhow, it was a super short trip, unplanned but worked out great!! we saw bits of fireworks but nothing beats ringing in the new year in the company of all my favorite folks!! im such a lucky lucky girl.


  1. Hahahah, I think you mean J, not Jay! I think Daph got to calling him J cos her daddy is named Jeremy too. Hehehe, I always find it hilarious!
    Haha, Shaun's pose rocks in the group pic! Why no pic of you and your man? You guys looked like you had a lot of fun!

  2. seriously!! i always had an impression she referred to him as "jay" after jay (chou)!! i knew about her dad but its not like she calls her dad "jeremy" also what...
    haha! :) i got sick of seeing our shots after melbourne!! plus daniel is often behind the camera!

  3. someone's seriously sexy in that dress!!
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww have more piccies of you and daniel!

  4. i feel like a narcissist to have so many pikkies of him, me and us all the time! we seriously need a muse or a pet so we can direct our attention to it!!! :)
    plus all my girls are soooo pretty!! :)

  5. but we love seeing your photos with daniel! ;)

  6. Ahahahaahah, you seriously think she's that obsessed over Jay Chou?! Ahahahahah, then again maybe!


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