Tuesday, December 15, 2009

seoul 2009: part 둘

on the day before the wedding, we did any self-respecting bridesmaid (and bride) would do.. *ahem*

gorge ourselves silly with yummy american style breakfast at butterfingers!!

OH MAN! i've missed fluffy pancakes, sausages, waffles and all that good american calories!! the portions at butterfingers were amazing!! and the place is well-lit and styled just like an american diner with cushy seats and bright colours. felt like we were back in the burg at crackel barrel or something!! the best meal is really breakfast!!

gosh! and these girls are the most fabulous company. they totally make my shoe obsession seem A-ok! and we decided that we'd all have to get our asses to NYC, where yoomee lives, her sample sale stories were too crazy to resist! ah!!

did i also mention? in times like that, im really sore i don't have a sister.

goofing around with our salads.

and our unsuspecting chaperone was kept occupied with judy's snazzy digital camera, an messy all-american burger and refillable cokes all afternoon. seriously, he looked like he died and went to cola heaven.

and then we hit the cutest nail salon to get wedding-ready! super girly-overdose...

judy decided for us she wanted "gradation" on our nails. and they used this really cool spray on our hands. its icy cold when applied and had this crackley sound when rubbed in. it doesn't hurt at all but it exfoliates dead skin like you've never seen before!! amazing!! i should check out if they have that in singapore!!

and check out the manicurists!! they're so pretty, right!!

pleased with her classic french manicure with special nail art on her 4th finger, where lucas will be slipping on the ring.. aww.. so sweet!

and multicoloured polka dots on her pinkies! haha..

then we let the girls go home and get ready for the wedding while we hit the stores for midnight shopping at DDM! :)



  2. she says thanks!! :) i've been procrastinating on the wedding pictures!! i will load it up tomorrow! :)

  3. oh wow dear! love the pictures. and i must agree with u that the manicurist is gorgeous!

  4. she reminds me a little of dawn yang.. :)


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