Monday, December 14, 2009

seoul 2009: part 하나

hello from seoul!

the one big highlight of our seoul weekend was judy's wedding. we flew in specifically for the wedding so most of our trip was spent in preparation for and actually attending the wedding. plus we just did most touristy stuff last october when we visited so other than shopping, we had nothing else on out "to-do" list.

but here are three other things that totally MADE our trip!!

1. craft porn!! rows and rows of shops selling bit and bobs at dong dae mum!!

i picked out a few crystal buckles, lace and velvet ribbons randomly. till today, i still kicked myself in the butt when i think of odd craft tools or material that i absolutely need but didn't buy!!

2. our neat apartment at fraser suites

it was super duper!! thanks for judy' research and eye for great hotels, we scored this crazily comfy room that was big enough for a family of four. it caters more to longer stay guests, but it also means that its much better equipped than a regular hotel room. less jazz but much cosier!! there were days we just wanted to chill out at "home" instead of hitting the stores.

very well stocked and fully equipped kitchen. there was even long scissors for kimchi!! super duper compact and neat!!

huge bed with extra pillows! i was insanely in love with our bathroom too. the rainshower and sweet-smelling toiletries were super cool! the warmed toilet seats were such fun. i want one of those!!

and the storage space in the room was very smart and space efficient. despite being a relatively compact apartment, there were so many hidden shelves and drawers. yes! they had a walk in dressing corner with designated shoe cabinet!!! how superb!

daniel in our little living room ooohing and ahhing over their shopping bus schedules on the weekends! they specially organize grocery runs to costco and lotte marts for their residents! pity we weren't staying there long enough cos it would be so fun to stock up our HUUGGE fridge..

oooo and my penchant for white crockery. it was beautiful..

and the best part, it only costed 140,000 won per night including breakfast. a fraction of what it would usually cost for a hotel in town. i'd totally recommend Fraser Suites (City Hall) if you're popping by Seoul. its super convenient cos the City Hall Station was about 5 mins around the corner. that neighbourhood (filled with office blocks and building) is not very pretty but has neat little eateries speckled around!!

the next best option is the shillah. which is beautiful and near namsam and two times more luxurious!! (but pricier..)

3. the flowers.

we were so spoilt for choice in any florist we walked by. the daffodils, the ranunculus, the iris were all beautiful and plump and SUPER pretty!

couldn't resist a little gift for the bride! :) more wedding pictures to come!


  1. gorgrous flowers!!
    i love service apartments! prefer them much much over hotel rooms!

  2. i lurve your first pic, like some Korean star!

  3. usually, i am all about boutique hotels so this is my first serviced apartment! i agree they win hotel rooms hands down!!
    it really felt like a home away from home!

  4. hee hee i love that picture too! daniel caught it when i was showing off my brand new leaf.

  5. and its cheaper than a hotel right??

  6. yeah! definitely!
    we once copped out and stayed in the ritz out of convenience... and got totally overwhelmed by the kind attention of the butler who kept checking in on us. at some point, we gave him a treat to nando's so he'd leave us alone for a while.

  7. btw, your rate of KRW 140,000 is cheaper than our crew rate (KRW 170,000)!!!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA thats funny!!
    its just like travelling on business class on SQ and the stewardesses and stewards kept on asking if you are ok/need something/drink something/etc. too overwhelming!!

  9. *shrug* hospitality rates! or we got SUPER lucky!
    going to seoul?

  10. seoul? need to give the city its queue number on our travel list. :P too many places to go, too little time, too less money! >_>
    its about S$170/night for that rate! very cheap!

  11. wow i love the first picture :) how its focus on you and the background is blurry...lovely contrasting colours. Agreed with samantha.. superstar.. ;)

  12. samsung shillah? i dunoe if my uni classmate still works there~ but i saw pixies before and it was gorgeous!

  13. haha! :) thank you!! i'll pass the compliments to the photographer! he'd be pleased to hear!

  14. hmm.. im not sure if its owned by samsung but its called the shilla! :) judy works there too!! its very pretty!! must stay when you visit..
    hmm.. can't surf LJ from work?

  15. no!!!!!!! stupid company. even my USB ports are disabled! rawr!!

  16. hahah seriously? awww i guess then i'll hear from you (on LJ at least..) mostly at night and on weekends!!

  17. oh yes. this weekend...this weekend. since the husband's working =(

  18. hahaha! :P heard anything from the sands for the man?


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