Saturday, December 12, 2009


im not a morning person. so whenever daniel need to get into the office early, he'll tip toe and fumble around the dark so he doesn't wake me up. and leave me little post-its around the house. sometimes to remind me to pick up juice from the store, sometimes to say "god-damn these ANTS!!!", sometimes just to say 'i love u.

this morning when i woke up, i found these presents on the table!

1. an empty box - my recent obsession with recycling & organizing left me a little cardboard crazed. i make boxes with them!
2. our edited korea pictures!! - see how he mentions this blog in there? hahahah!! :)

im so blessed. :)

i know that i speak of the husband often. mostly of his awesome organization skills, at-times frustrating OCD, excellent husbandry duties, penchant for expensive cameras, enthusiasm in sports and hilarious dancing talents. he is also an A+++ groomzilla, the chef of the household and ,in case you didn't get the memo, my personal HERO and LOVE OF MY LIFE!!

but i often play down one of the most important thing in a man's life - how he brings home the bacon. maybe we don't talk about it much cos it doesn't fit in with his SNAG-image or cos we're both not SUPER excited about the work. or that my job is much more awesome and fun and blog-friendly. :) but without sounding like a disillusioned proud mother, he's equally sharp and smart (and cut-throat) when he wants to be!!

last night, bossman came into his office with a bottle of bubbly to shower him with heaps of compliments and announce his promotion! and we darted out for an early evening celebration!! and over warm sake, yakitoris and miso soup, we spoke animatedly about his new role (and pay increase..) for about 5 whole minutes then wandered off to more exciting adventures and plans!

but good job, hon! im super proud of you! :)


  1. congrats on the husb's promotion (and you for snagging him!!) :))

  2. thanks babe! :)
    i guess you'd actually know what i mean by not being super exited about the work itself!!!

  3. congrates to your man! and isnt he sweet?!

  4. yeah I certainly do: the crappy hours, lousy clients etc. The list goes on and on. It was bad for both of us (husb and myself) when we were both pulling shitty hours at work but it has gotten a lot better now that he has gone over to the other side of the time which means he gets to scold lawyers (LOL) although it also means he gets directly screamed at by clients hehe... But honestly, to be untactful, as bad as it is, at the end of it, whatever job brings home the bacon is king (to me) :P
    Out of curiousity (and also since this comment is made under a protected entry), what kind of arrangement does your husband have in Phom Pheh? Secondment posting there from a law firm in SG or in house? Reason I am asking is because I don't really hear of lawyers working in Cambodia. :) But I don't want to be intrusive so don't reply if you don't want to! :)

  5. im with you! :) we kinda figured until we can find a better way to fund our travel, my shoe collection and our semi-indulgent lifestyle, he just has to suck it up for the time being.
    no worries sweets! its a secondment posting from a law firm in australia. he was initially posted to singapore but transfered over to their local office in cambodia last year.

  6. sweet! i love reading about you guys, yes, both you AND him. congrats on your hubby's promotion! to even better days ahead!!

  7. thanks hon! :) enjoy your romantic christmas!!! *hugs*


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