Friday, December 4, 2009

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

it took me a while to write this down. cos i've been fuming mad for weeks.. so warning. its excessively rant-y. *deep breaths*

you know how when you were little-er, you were told that if you were naughty, you'd be brought to the police. cos police will teach "bad people" a lesson. (MYTH) and older, you learn from school there uphold justice and peace in the streets of singapore?? (MYTH) i've been a HUGE fan for police and thus far had very little to do with them. (TRUTH) so i took that as a sign that they're the heros of the world. yayy to them, pay them heaps, hurray! but only to be disappointed by grand age of 27.

rewind a few months, i started getting unknown phone calls from a dude. he spoke no/little english and for my life, didn't understand that he got the wrong number.. boy did i try to tell him but decided after a few days that i was going to ignore his calls.. that was when i realized that he'd call non-stop for hours. and there were days that my phone had to go on silent cos it was bugging me so much. and i would check and have 23 missed calls in an hour. around that time, another number started calling me at the same time. so i named them "stalker one" and "stalker two". keeping in mind, i spend 80% of the time away from home, it was rather pricey when i accidently pick up those calls overseas.. and very frustrating to wake up running to the phone thinking something bad happened back home.

so, i decided to do what a goodie singapore would do. march right to the friendly neighbourhood police post and report it. but turned out, that was another drama in itself. but in short, after being grilled for one hour, the police called the dude from the station, found out he was a bangla, owned BOTH phones, warned him and .. along with that, he also questioned incessantly if i made friends with bangla, if i work with bangla or if i offended any bangla. oh and get this! if my number is on any bangla website. i mean seriously. which bit of "wedding planner" did he not get. anyway, he advised me to show some mercy as he would lose his work permits. so... i relented and gave him a chance. an internal report was made of all the lewd messages i received and each phone call he made so i could delete the nasties from my phone.

one week later, he started calling again. (DAMNIT!!!) really disappointed and pissed that we had not already made an official report, i called, long distance, to the same police station to lodge an official report. can't be tough right? they have all the information but no... spent 45 mins detailing ALL the information (which they were meant to have noted down in their internal report, as promised by officer one) only to be told that i had to be in singapore PHYSICALLY to lodge a report. and i had to be around when the investigation happened (and no... they can't tell me when they are investigating cos they don't know.. so i'd have to sit around at home waiting for investigation to start.) and also to be in singapore when the court summons for me to. otherwise, all charges will be dismissed. which really made me feel like i was the criminal there. who are they punishing? me of the stalking sonofa-damned foreign worker. *irked*

im usually a very principled person. tread on my toe (figuratively) and i'll make sure you are very very sorry.. but after fuming for days, i realized that the time and $$ that i spend flying home to report and all that is just not worth it. and the will to continue this case is some sort of warped negative motivation to my life. plus, the bangla can register for yet another pre-paid card and start calling me again. i'd be on the losing end eventually. so next trip home, im going to begrudgingly turn in my current number and get a new number. its just a number but i get emotionally attached to things that i've had for years.. boohiss... :(

so. when we proclaim that singapore is low-crime. does it mean singapore is a safe place to live in or does it mean they do their darnest to discourage people from reporting real crimes?


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