Thursday, November 5, 2009

what should it say?

(cutie ring picture by mimi + karl)

wow! is it already november!? this year is whizzing by soooo darn fast!! we've almost been engaged for ONE year!! and i reckon its about time we drag our lazy asses and get our engagement rings engraved!! *faints*

but big question that we've been sitting on is "WHAT do we engrave?"

because of my ring size, im only allowed less than 12 letters. you can't even spell our names with that! but precious on the other hand has a cartier trinity so he has all of THREE rings-ful of space for anything. you could engrave a thesis and there would be still space left..

you totally can't see the ring but he has the same ring.. i just had to put keith into my blog!

daniel has voted for something that's a little more personalized and urm.. territorial. probably something that sounds more like this: "this is the property of XXX (insert name), freaking take it off your paws and return my damn ring to me at XXX (insert email) or XXX (insert phone number), XXX (insert expletives)" how romantic!!

so i was sent my merry way and looking to the internet for inspiration. and liked the following:

1) Si tu veux savoir combien je'taime, compte les vagues. 
(if you want to know how much i love you, count the waves)
2) "All you need is love" 
3) "All my love..  " on one and  "All my life... " on the other.

of all, (3) is my current favorite. its a pair but not super cheesy!

so my lovelies, what do you think?? 
what will you/did you engrave on yours??


  1. the lego-sters are tres adorable!!! anw...i support 3! no point getting the french one babe, u can barely pronounce it right~

  2. hahah you know me soooo well! :)
    p.s. i chanced up on photog, not too bad. are you stil looking??

  3. hmm... how do you embed picture in a comment??
    its this one! :)

  4. use codes!
    [img src="..."]
    replace "[" & "]" with "" and "..." with the link of the picture.
    ahh thats not bad! =)

  5. ah!!! got it! :) thanks babe..
    that's daniel's ring! so you can see how he has so much space for engraving whereas im kinda stuck with 12 alphabets! haiyar..

  6. ;)
    whats yours then??
    klkl & i are getting the one i posted! :D

  7. WEEHHHHHEEEEE it works!! urm.. obviously, my ring is not THIS big! :) hahaha...

  8. wah!! time to practise!

    hope this works!!
    otherwise, mine is this! ( but size 3.5 so the band is super tiny! :)

  9. hmm? looking for? the ring holders? Sharon got me a pretty ring pillow from dreamweavers =)
    cy and my band will just read the normal stuff...hahaha~

  10. well done! good on ya!
    wowwww very very nice!!
    is it worth getting a tiffany's diamond ring? alot of pals said i shouldnt! but i really like it!

  11. lol...that sounds like lychee in french! our names and our wedding date~

  12. orh!! :) haha.. thats officially his australian name! :)

  13. hmm... i (unfortunately..) love tiffany & co jewellery so daniel picked well. :)
    im not exactly clear on the exact price but i've heard for a similar specs ring, you get it at a fraction of that price in other retailers! so in terms of value for money.. really not super-duper.
    and i like that i can bring all my jewellery to tiffany for a yearly check up and cleaning, anywhere in the world. and their customer service is wayy superior.

  14. i think tiff's rings are very pretty, but so not worth the hefty price tags!
    yea, exactly what you meant~~~
    ahhh, and that it makes you happy like lark right?

  15. i'm a sucker for the (fake) "love letters of great men" that carrie read to Big in the SATC i looked up this webbie ( for quotes and here are my favs:
    - "Remain my true, my only treasure, my all as I am yours" (beethoven)
    - "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours" (beethoven)
    - "My life and my love are one." (van gogh)

  16. despite the hefty price tags, im still a huge fan! (quite silly, i know!) are you gonna??
    yah, they come back all sparkley and new! :)

  17. awww so sweet! :) :)
    i love the one from beethoven!!!

  18. which one dear?
    so sweet right? i just melt, i tell you...

  19. this one! :)
    - "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours" (beethoven)

  20. uh i like it but i also wanna be cents-ible! so i dunno which 'side' will win! haha!!

  21. 1. HOT keith urban 2. i love # 1 but maybe not the waves..count something else lol other than that yes i love 3! :)

  22. yes i love that one even more i was thinking of that actually!!

  23. hahaha!!! ;)
    agree! :) he is up there with matthew mcconaughey but beckham is still my man!
    i didn't make #1 up! its a french phrase!! it means like the waves, never ending.. i thought it was very romantic!!! but euphie is right. i cant even read french properly anymore! :)

  24. yeah this one i didn't think of but is sooo romantic!! :)


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