Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween weekend! :)

are you treating or tricking?? i'd love to own this bad-ass lace mask! and that lovely pair of red-soles..

photography by jonas bresnan for elle germany via coco+kelly.

im missing the american halloween a little! the glitter pumpkins, fun decoration around the house, a whiff of hot chocolate and cinnamon in the oven and heaps of little treat and trickers with noey!! i miss fall, our huge red-bricked home and fluffy scotchie-boo.

cambodia is up to their own mischief this week! 4 days of water festival fun. there are heaps of dragon-boating happening on the river front and 5 days straight of fireworks!! we braved the crowds on the first evening to catch a glipse of the fireworks from the waterfront but the crowds were overwhelming. everyone has their entire family in tow and sets their picnic mats and feasts away in the middle of roads so everything comes to a stand-still and you're literally stuck there for hours!!!!

we're enjoying the magnificent view from the comforts of our guest bedroom this evening with our latest find - delivery singaporean food!!! :) hurray to char kway teow, tau gey (beansprouts) and claypot chicken rice all for $9!!! mmmm....


  1. teehee! :) me too!! oooo im sending you an email of mine now!! think you'll love them too!! they're super cute!

  2. never got your email..i want to see them!!


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